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Altium DXP

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Blue News, Jun 12, 2004.

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  1. Blue News

    Blue News Guest


    Wonder if some one could help me on this; I have a small PCB designed on the
    above CAD, the PCB size is about 1"x1" and what I like to do is to be able
    to print as many as it is possible side by side on an A4 sheet (art work) so
    that I can do one UV exposure to make as many PCB as possible (on a A4). I
    am not sure how this is possible on DXP. I have tried to create another Room
    to try to copy the first PCB design's component to the new room but moving
    the new room just moves the original first design.... Any ideas?

  2. Leon Heller

    Leon Heller Guest

    I can do this easily in Pulsonix with the 'step and repeat' CAM/Plot
    function. What you might be able to do is import the Gerber and drill files
    into GC-Prevue and then panellise the PCB. I think GC-P will output to a

  3. I am not sure what you mean by new room. Just make the board
    dimensions equal to the size of an A4 sheet, draw the design near one
    of the corners of the board, select the entire (1" x 1") design and
    then press Ctrl-C (to copy). After you copy, the cursor changes to
    cross-hair to allow you to select a reference point for your copy. In
    your case you can select the reference point to be one of the corners
    of your design. Clicking on one of the corners will complete the copy

    After you have complete the copy process, whenever you click paste(or
    Ctrl-V), you can select any of the other corners of the design (other
    than the one that you used to copy the design) to paste is
    side-by-side to the original design. Repeating the process, you can
    create the matrix of designs that you wanted.

    Hope this helps,
  4. Blue News

    Blue News Guest

    Hi Vijay,

    I have tried your way which would normally work, however my board is a part
    of RF board with Polygon plane on both sides connected to the GND. when I do
    the copy&paste of course it looses all the nets and just copies tracks and
    the Polygon, but the polygon plane not being related to the GND is then
    modified and dose not connect to the GND leaving a lot of tracks and pins
    floating. of course after the copy&paste there are no nets just tracks.
    hope I have explained it properly, any ideas on that?

  5. Sean,
    The problem with lost net connectivity relates to using just
    the regular Copy command. I do not use DXP but in all earlier
    versions of Protel you must use the "Paste Special" command and
    select the checkbox to maintain the net connectivity in your
    copy. There is also a checkbox allowing for repeated reference
    designators which would also change during a regular copy.
    (Usually the regular copy results in component R1 changing to
  6. Oops ! I understand the problem now. Most of my recent work with
    Protel were on array antennas which had no netlists and schematics and
    hence they worked without any trouble. But with netlists, I guess the
    only way would be to export the gerber files and then load them into
    CAM editors that can import Gerber files (such as Circuit CAM, which
    works for me), and then do the cut-paste operation (and finally export
    the result back to Gerber).

    I am not sure myself about how this can be accomplished directly in
    Protel without repeating the entire schematic all over again.

  7. Blue News

    Blue News Guest

    Thank you Brad. I tried and tried with the paste and paste special yesterday
    till i got it right in the end. it is exactly as you say. All sorted, thanks
    to every one for your help.

  8. Blue News

    Blue News Guest

    thanks again for trying Vijay, but i found it is only possible with Paste
    Special (with ticked options) as Brad described above.

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