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Altium DXP and Hex Inverter (Multipart ICs)

Discussion in 'CAD' started by private, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. private

    private Guest

    With another schematics design program, when one chooses something like
    a CD4049 timer or its equivalent the program will lay down all parts.
    However, Protel DXP seems to klutz when it comes to this or am I doing
    something wrong? Also, the subparts of the libraries for such a
    component in the schematics window have no corresponding voltage
    symbology. Maybe its better to just make a custom symbol and represent
    the chip with 16 pins rather than use the inverter symbols. Whats the
    best way to deal with this in Protel DXP? Is the Protel DXP paradigm
    just ...different?
  2. I haven't used XP, but in previous versions, when you placed a piece
    of a multi-part component, you would get part one. Later in the
    design process, you do "Tools/Annotate", and Protel will reset the
    part numbers so that all parts of the component are used. Or, you can
    manually set the desired part in the part detail form (hit "Tab" while
    placing the part, or double-click on a placed part).

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  3. Quitus

    Quitus Guest

    In DXP version, on Component Properties window (double-click any
    component to see it), on 4th row you'll find the number of the part
    (and the total parts) and 4 buttons to change it. As Peter says, in
    PROTEL, when you draw a multi-part component, it always shows you the
    first part: press TAB to see components properties and to change part
    number before placing it on the schematic.


  4. private

    private Guest

    Thanks for the replies.
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