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altium designer- gerber problems

Discussion in 'CAD' started by e, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. e

    e Guest

    I am using altium designer /version 6.6.7/ and I have few specific

    1. I can make gerbers and read it from altium designer but I cannot
    import/read them from Protel 99 (and my plotter cannot plot them
    correct), when I import them I get some unusual layout, and truetype
    strings are moved (dislocated) from pcb,

    now I am using following configuration (for making gerbers):
    Drill drawing plots isnt enabled
    using embedded apertures rs274x
    using software arcs, optimize change location commands, plotter type
    is vector,
    batch mode - separate file per layer, position on film - center on
    film, and suppress leading zeroes

    and when I start gerber export process I have following configuration:
    integer 2
    decimal 3
    units english
    type incremental
    zero suppression leading

    so if anyone know how to export and read it correctly...
    any help would be much appreciated

    Best Regards
  2. TT_Man

    TT_Man Guest


    You can download a professional gerber viewer from here

    That will show you exactly what your gerbers look like.
    Not surprised about transporting to older protel packages...
  3. Zemaljko

    Zemaljko Guest

    I already have free version of Viewmate /I see all polyons ,but true type
    strinsg are (dislocated) from pcb/ , and still main problem is that, I
    cannot plot correctly on my plotter

    anyway thanks for your suggestion
  4. E or Zemaljko,
    Your plot problem is likely related more directly to the
    plotter/drivers. You could try using a different Gerber viewer and plotting
    form there just to make sure it is not an Altium problem.

    The importing of the Gerbers back to P99SE is related to the fact that
    Protel has only ever supported re-importing Gerbers generated from their own
    software using specific subsets and coding of the full Gerber standard. More
    recent versions of DXP/AD utilize functions that were not supported in P99SE
    Gerber generation, therefore it is 'usually' likely that the AD/DXP gerbers
    will not import directly back into P99SE.

    There are so many variations and subsets of Gerber coding that will not
    import to Protel/Altium products. The best solution is to get a third party
    Gerber viewer and use it for plotting/verification of Gerbers. You can
    download free copies of GC-Prevue or Lavenir's Gerber viewers. There are a
    couple of others available also if you search the net.
  5. [Snipped]

    Why would you want to do that ?
    You can export your PCB to a version that Protel 99 can read. You can
    then generate the gerber files in Protel 99.

  6. Zemaljko

    Zemaljko Guest

    because p99 doesnt support some features of altium designers like solid
    plane ..... and many others
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