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alternator circuit

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Dec 3, 2004.

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    I have an old BMW motorbike retrofitted with an a 12V alternator, I
    would to find a circuit for an 'idiot light', so that when the ignition
    is turned on the lite is lit, when the engine is started the light goes
    out if the alternator is working, but stays on if the alternator is
    malfunctioning. It of course would go on if the alternator
    malfunctions when the bike is running. if someone can direct me to the
    circuit or send me a schematic, I would really appreciate it. Please
    send directly to my e-mail address if possible. Thanks.
  2. This is ordinarily done by connecting a lamp between the three diode
    half bridge that feeds energy to the regulator (that regulates current
    to the rotor) and the ignition key switched line to the main rectifier
    output to battery positive. If the alternator is charging the
    battery, there is essentially no voltage across the lamp. If the
    alternator is not producing enough AC to send any current out the main
    rectifier (and, so the three diode half bridge is also not delivering
    much current ot the regulator, the lamp lights and also provides a
    minimum current to the regulator. Turning the ignition key off
    disconnects the lamp form the battery when all the other loads are
    turned off.
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