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alternate for max4169?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Dave, Apr 11, 2004.

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  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Hello all, I'm trying to build a circuit (Rick Moll's hrm receiver - that requires a MAX4169 op-amp.
    I'm having trouble sourcing this in canada through the common mail order
    places (typically digi-key).

    Just wondering if anyone knew any alternates for this op-amp that would work
    in this configuration and are easy to source online?

    What are the key characteristics when looking for op-amp replacements? I
    know I need 5 amp single supply, rail to rail, quad, etc.

    thanks for any help,


  2. Have you tried contacting the author of the schematic? Or reading the FAQ
    on his web page, which addresses that question?

    The key characteristics depend on the circuit. This particular circuit
    looks to be very noncritical; almost any opamp would do. By the way, it
    doesn't have to be quad; you could use two doubles, or four singles. Based
    on a quick look at the schematic, it looks like the only requirements are:

    5v single supply operation (that's "volt", not "amp")
    rail to rail output
    gain bandwidth >= 1MHz
  3. Dave LeBlanc

    Dave LeBlanc Guest

    Hi Walter, thanks for your reply.

    Good news - I'm a lost in the world of circuits, so I didn't know
    which parameters mattered and which didn't in this instance. That
    really helps - the max4169 is quite hard to source here, so digikey
    catalog, here I come :)

    I sent out an email to the circuit author, but received no reply.
    Probably changed his address or something.

    So my next task will be interfacing this with an atmel, should be a
    fun adventure.

    Thanks a bunch,

  4. Most of the manufacturers have parametric search engines on their web sites,
    that will let you specify some parameters and see what's available.
    Remember that newer chips, especially in the 5v supply range, will often not
    be available in the DIP package, but only in surface mount. Also, dual
    packages are *much* easier to find than quad.

    Based on a little bit of poking around, you might do worse than the Texas
    Instruments TLV2474CN, in stock in 14-pin DIP from Digikey at $2.25 each.
    For only a few pennies more, the TLV2474AIN is the same thing with extended
    temperature range (nice if you're taking it jogging), for $2.45.
    Rail-to-rail input and output, single 2.7v to 6v supply, 2.8MHz GBW, 0.6mA
    supply current per amp, 250uV offset. Pretty close to the MAX4169, albeit
    slightly slower.
  5. Dave LeBlanc

    Dave LeBlanc Guest

    That sounds like a good model. I don't plan to go jogging with it,
    but who knows where my plans will go :)

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