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Alpha Project - davenn says

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by nlol, Apr 12, 2016.

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  1. nlol


    Apr 9, 2016

    You quote me: "I intend to not disclose information that would allow someone to understand the purpose/use of the system to be developed. It's my time and money that will be spent."

    Then you say:

    OK ... ohhhh dear and so we hear that so often :rolleyes:

    we will close the thread since it's really difficult for people to help you if you cant supply reasonable specifics

    you better get some funds together so you can employ onsite design and construction engineers
    since I doubt anyone here will help you get rich at their expense

    best of luck in your venture


    Dave - Why is it you think I can't supply reasonable specifics - your reason for closing my thread? There is nothing about the regulatory, environmetal, processing - any and all technical requirements - that I have any reluctance supplying. Some of that has already been touched on.

    Of course you often encounter people wishing to protect their functional idea. For the most part such ideas can't be, certainly not effectively, protected from theft. The inventors of products often come in second in the marketplace. It makes no difference whether the system is to be used to conduct behavioral studies, collect observable data of whatever sort, or to be used in some sort of game or process control. In fact, as long as any application in any of those fields had the same technical requirements, the hardware of this system, and the application archetecture would make a good platform - only the functional code, data specifications, and so forth need revision. I'm sure you know this, but it does seem to me the thought is missing from your post and action.

    Also, while you're entitled to an opinion, by closing the thread you've precluded everyone that may wish to contribute. Why do think any contribution they make is an expense? No doubt contributors to these forums have many reasons for doing so. I can't think of one reason that isn't honorable. More to the point though is that ideas that honestly generate a profit steal nothing from anyone. Just the opposite, it is ideas that increase productivity and make life easier for the product user - otherwise they are not bought. It is the improvement of people's knowledge, technology, and product innovation that advances individual income and the world standard of living. Contributing to questions here is no different from attending school board meetings, helping your neighbor install a new AV system, volunteering to tutor a promising or struggling student, or contributing to an open source software project, or simply doing it for fun. No one is being stolen from.

    The richer the discussions here, heck, you've even got forums for non-electronic discussions, so you recognize this - the better it is for forum members, forum employees, and forum owners. I don't understand the benefit to forum members by denying them the opportunity to contribute to, and learn from my thread. Anyone not interested can simply not participate; some may find something of interest/value in the discussions and never contribute. I'm happy with that - I certainly don't think anything they learn is at anyone else's expense.

    Based on lavaguava's comments, and what I see in other threads, there is reason to think mutual benefit could accrue to the Alpha Project and forum members. I think you should reconsider whether the Alpha Project thread should remain closed or be opened.

  2. Gryd3


    Jun 25, 2014
    There is a major problem with text based communications, and that's the perceived tone and attitude of the text may not be what you initially intended it to be.
    I've read the initial thread, and while some came into it with concern, you jumped back not with inspiring replies, but with attitude that basically sums up to 'I know what I am doing so back off'. So 'of course' this type of comment will be taken incorrectly, and 'of course' you would tick off the people who had legitimate concern.
    Go back and re-read the comments. Did anyone tell you to give up? They simply probed you for details and requirements to ensure that this was within you capability so that they and anyone else visiting the thread don't end up wasting their time on a hypothetical product and detailed, yet vague requirements.

    Your alpha project is complex in a sense that if you want a commercial product, you can't just slap a Pi, USB Hub and ESP8266 into your project. There are many pre-made modules, but many are intended for hobby use or rapid prototyping. If you don't believe us, then perhaps it's time for you to visit some hobby sites for parts. There is only so much people can do to help you build a mystery product. Yes, we see it a *lot* on here. I've had private convos with people to help iron our specifics. If you can't trust the source you are getting information on with more of the details, then you cant trust that source to provide you with proper details to make your product operate as expected without many revisits.

    You should expect this thread to be locked as well. The thread was locked, and regardless of the reason, making a public post complaining is the wrong way to handle your situation. You are acting more like an entitled 'if I complain, I get what I want' consumer, than a business owner. I suggest you contact the moderator who blocked your initial thread and *privately* communicate your concern in a *civil* manner instead of pulling this kind of drama BS.

    Take care.
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  3. davenn

    davenn Moderator

    Sep 5, 2009

    the more you go on, the less you impress me

    you now have another person voicing the same thoughts as I do

    and as I said before .....

    you better get some funds together so you can employ onsite design and construction engineers
    since I doubt anyone here will help you get rich at their expense

    best of luck in your venture

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