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Allow clocks to get their time from cellphones

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Metspitzer, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. Metspitzer

    Metspitzer Guest

    Could wall clocks and car clocks be built with a receiver that would
    accept the current time from a cell phone?

    Could the correct time be broadcast from the cellphone each time it is
    used to allow devices with an internal clock to sync with them?

    I see no reason why a cellphone could not continually transmit the
    correct time. The extra circuitry would cost about 25 cents.

    Anyone think this would be a practical idea?
  2. Guest

    As others have pointed out, there are better solutions technically. Then
    there is the economic aspect. Do you really want to pay VZW $70/mo. to keep
    your clock set? ;-)
  3. Metspitzer

    Metspitzer Guest

    What is was really shooting for are small items that don't necessarily
    need "balls on" accurate time, but having the correct day and hour
    would be useful without having to manually set them.

    Stuff like answering machines, microwaves, coffee makers, portable
    cameras or a wrist watches.

    I would think it would be 0 cost for cellphones to send out the time
    on a regular basis and anything needing the current time could be
    modified to acquire the time for a very low cost.

    I know there are other ways, but seems like a 0 cost way.
  4. Guest

    So why not WWVB, as is intended?
    Cell companies don't give their services away, if you hadn't noticed.
    The other ways are the zero cost ways. You're trying to make it expensive.
  5. Metspitzer

    Metspitzer Guest

    I don't know, but there are many things that don't use it.

    My coffee pot and my microwave never have the correct time. Could
    they get the time from WWVB? Yes? Do they? No

    Would it be practical to use a small local signal coming from a
    cellphone? Maybe.
  6. Guest

    What a moronic statement. Of course there are "things" that don't even have a
    Do you have a point?
    Practical, sure. Expensive, you bet your a$$. Why pay for cell service when
    both WWVB and GPS are free?
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