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Allen Bradley SLC5 Software

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by chas, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. chas

    chas Guest

    Anyone know where I can get a copy of the software to program an Allen
    Bradley SLC5/3 ?
  2. Sure. Your local Allen-Bradley rep. Only $500-600. + a few hundred a
    year for maintenance.
  3. chas

    chas Guest

    So what if I don't have that much money ?

  4. What is it, Phil? Wago? I've used some AutomationDirects (software
    $100), but they have no nice extruded cases.

    Back to the OP's question, being serious this time, if you buy a copy
    of Rslogix off ebay or somewhere, be sure you get the keydisk with it.
    Also be aware that AB software changes versions with the slightest
    breeze, and programs made with v6.0 can not be directly loaded into
    v5.5, at least not the comments and symbols.

    I'll start the old thing about how methinks that PLC manufacturers
    should give away their software to get you to buy their PLC's.
  5. Think about it this way. Lets say you (an engineer) bid a job with a few
    PLCs and then turn it over to the customer. If the customer has some
    savvy maintenance tech on staff, they'll just repair or upgrade the
    system on their own. If the cost of the tools is kept high, they are
    more likely to refer such business back to the engineering firm (you).

    AB (and others) might be happy to give the stuff away (or just cover
    their expenses) but their customers (consultants) would get upset.
  6. Correct. Manufacturers forget who their real customers are and what
    their TCO is.
    Here agian, Microsoft percieves their customers as the companies that
    run servers and send you all those popups and spyware. End users are
    considered to be the property of a company, not a customer.
    Allen Bradley and others create cost barriers to adoption to protect
    their current marketing channels. But in the end, challengers just
    attack these channels with lower cost solutions.

    Being part of what AB (and Microsoft) considers to be its marketing
    channel, I have to decide whether or not to rely on their proprietary
    solutions to keep my customers locked in, or whether some other
    engineering firm can spec something with a lower cost. If they can, I
    have to decide if I can stand up to the competition or if I need a
    shield to hide behind.
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