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Allen Bradley PCMK 1784PCM5B pinout

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Dave, Jun 3, 2004.

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  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I had a problem with a PCMK cable 1784 PCM 5B. The wires broke off the thin
    flat black connector which connects to the 1784-PCMK Series B card. I
    searched for the pinout information and found nothing.

    I studied the broken wires very carefully and reconnected 4 broken wires and
    now the cable works perfect connecting to a SLC 504 PLC. I will list the
    colors which I am CERTAIN of, those with a question mark were those
    replaced. Perhaps there is someone else that may confirm the colors on the
    pins with the question marks.

    7 pin side
    Blue - certain
    Green - ??
    Gray - certain
    Yellow - certain
    Blue - ??
    Purple - ??
    White - certain

    8 pin side has a letter "B" molded in plastic
    Black - certain
    Red - certain
    Brown - certain
    Orange - certain
    Pink - ??
    Tan - certain
    White - certain
    Green/Yellow Dot - certain

    If anyone has this cable with wire that have not broken of the ?? pins and
    can confirm the color for certain, I would appreciate it. Please remove the
    (remove) from my email address

  2. Kevin Spears

    Kevin Spears Guest

    I have a PCM4 series A cable that my clumsiness caused a similar fate
    for. Does anyone know of a source for these flat PCMCIA connectors?

    As an aside, ever since I broke that cable, I started taking seriously
    the adhesive "anchor pads" that come with them! They may not provide
    much strain relief, but anything is better than nothing..
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