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All new models of Mitsubishi air conditioners

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    For the ultimate in clean air conditioning, Mitsubishi Electric has
    created the deluxe inverter split system. These models feature the
    unique moving i-See Sensor, one of the most advanced temperature
    sensors on the market...
  2. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    Posted in must mean that the Mitsubishi products
    are in constant need of repair, right?
  3. Bill

    Bill Guest

    A few years ago I was looking for the "wiz bang" energy saver split systems,
    but could not find them for sale in the U.S. I see they now have them! BTW I
    was looking for the following energy saving features...

    -Inverter-driven DC Compressor operates at high efficiency with outstanding
    reliability (Compressor is not just off or on, can run at any speed - sort
    of like a light dimmer can control a light.)

    -Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) Control aligns electrical input wave to
    improve electrical power factor up to 98% (Neat electrical energy saving

    -17 SEER

    These two have the above...
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