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All-in-one Rainbow LED part

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Charmed Snark, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. I recently had an outdoor Rainbow [LED] Lamp
    apart to repair it (it recharges with usual
    solar panels). It is one of these LED lamps
    that cycle continuously through red, green and
    blue inside of a crystal like globe at the top.

    It surprised me to find out that the LED only
    had two wires on it. So I took the LED out
    and applied 3V through a resistor, to see it
    cycle through all the colours on its own. Cool.
    Obviously the "smarts" for this are built into
    the LED.

    Now I would like to order some of these LEDs
    for other construction projects (without having
    to buy the full lamps, wherever my wife bought

    I am having difficulty figuring out what the
    correct part number / terminology for these are.
    I'd like to find out if Mouser or Digikey for
    example, have these as parts.

    I tried searching with "rainbow LED", "all-in
    -one LED", "tri-color", "multi-color" etc. I
    am only interested in the 2-pin variety (I'm
    not interested in building driving circuits).

    Anyone have any advice on how to find these

  2. Tim

    Tim Guest

    I saw some on e-Bay that cycle through r/g/b either fast or slow. I do
    not think they are the "fading to colour" type though, just cycle each

    - Tim -
  3. That sort of thing has been around for at least 35 years.
    You could get blinking LEDs, albeit single color, back
    then. You could also get LEDs with a built in constant
    current source so you didn't need a current limiting resistor.
    IN both cases, the circuitry was on the same surface as
    the actual semiconductor that emitted the light.
    They likely don't exist. At the very least, they
    aren't generic parts that you'd get in small quantities.
    They are specialty items cooked up for the end product.
    They decide they can sell enough, so it's worth creating
    a new device for it; after all, fewer parts means less
    inventory and soldering, so if it costs a tad more per
    device to have a special LED, the cost is recovered over
    the full life of the design.

    If they are buyable parts, likely they are from
    Asia and won't appear in the local catalogs.

  4. Michael Black expounded in
    Blue LEDs haven't, at least in affordable form.

    I suspected that but there is no harm in
    searching. The outdoor lamps are made in China,
    so I expect that your reply is on the money.

  5. Tim expounded in
    Do you recall what the auction called them? My recent
    searches have come up empty. I wonder what
    ppl are calling these things. That may aid my

  6. Tim

    Tim Guest

    Do an e-Bay search on "rgb flash led"

    I found 282 hits with that search

    - Tim -

  7. Matt Chaney expounded in
    Thanks. Someone was also kind enough to tip that
    there are some here as well:

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