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Alexor experiences???

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by CH®IS, May 13, 2010.

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  1. CH®IS

    CH®IS Guest

    So we finally bothered to order a DSC Alexor kit, although it hasn't made it
    out of the box yet.

    I figure I'll bench test it and play around a bit in the next month or two
    before we install it somewhere.

    Hopefully the bugs (if any) have been worked out of it by now.

    Any experiences from anyone on this system?

    I'm hoping it does well and we can get our other installer away from his
    beloved GE Allegro's.

    - Chris
  2. petem

    petem Guest

    What are you talking about..

    Installer with double sided tapes are the top of there trade.. just ask them
    you will see!! ;-)
  3. CH®IS

    CH®IS Guest

    Sadly it's true. There's a company doorknocking around here lately from out
    of town. They're in and out in half an hour, never to be seen again. We
    end up with work orders to fix their jobs since they were never tested or
    setup to send test signals. They need better double sided tape though since
    they've had many false alarms from contacts falling off doors. And they're
    #1 in sales for a certain non-3 letter national dealer network.

    - Chris
  4. CH®IS

    CH®IS Guest

    The panel batteries haven't been too bad, but the DTIM batteries were a pain
    to find up until the past year or so. Naturally they couldn't use a
    standard battery, where would they put it?

    Plastic panel seems odd, but I guess there's nothing to put in it anyway.
    As long as it's DSC plastic and not GE plastic it should be ok.

    The limitations of the Allegro can be a problem at times, like when you want
    a real siren or a second keypad. I would be a big fan of the wireless
    dialer, except that half the Allegro's we've installed have had issues with
    the dialer. This is not where the biggest reliability issue should come
    from. Many of them were recalled and many more still have problems,
    especially after changing the battery.

    As long as it's installed properly and the dialer works it's not a bad
    system for residential use (it is even rated as a commercial panel?
    hopefully not).

    - Chris
  5. petem

    petem Guest

    And when they have dry mouth they use semen!
  6. petem

    petem Guest

    wonder what would be the face of the lady of the house when an installer
    drop his pants and start doing his job to provide some glue ;-)
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