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Aldi tools on special next week (Syd)

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Trevor Wilson, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. **I purchased a set of these:

    about a year ago. The tools are made from S2 or CrV steel. Best of all,
    the stuff is made in Taiwan. For $60.00 the set is remarkably good
    value, IMO. Although I've used the tools quite a bit, there's barely a
    scratch on them. I checked out my local Total Tools and I reckon the
    Aldi set is approximately equivalent to a set in TT that sells for
    around $130.00.

    For the record: The socket set alone makes it great value. As far as I'm
    concerned, the other tools are just a bonus.
  2. Charlie+

    Charlie+ Guest

    As long as you dont extend your philosophy to tap and die sets, I have
    never come across a set in any of the cheap shops Aldi Lidl etc, that
    were HSS, they never say what steel they are made from but they are
    invariably poor quality sets, not high speed steel, suppose most
    punters wouldnt know the difference!
  3. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    till they try to cut a thread
    I think diy ers just use them to clean existing threads
    I get lots of aldi tools and some are quite good for the money
    but not their tap and die sets.
  4. **I've purchased a bunch of stuff from Aldi. Most was decent enough
    value for money. Some of their tools are cheap crap (yes, I've been
    burned) Their hand tools are, OTOH and IMO, very good value for money. I
    have a mate who is a professional metal worker and agrees that their
    ring spanners are astonishingly good. He performed some informal
    hardness tests and was completely satisfied with the results. I'm real
    happy with my set, which was 10 Bucks. I think the socket set originates
    from the same Taiwanese manufacturer, who has an excellent reputation.
    FWIW: The Aldi set has replaced an old Sidchrome (Australian made)
    socket set and is, IMO, a far higher quality, nicer to use set. Do
    yourself a favour and look at the quality of this set. It's damned good.
  5. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    Is LIDL in Australia too?
    Last time I was back in OZ (2011) there was only ALDI.
    The German discounter market is very competitive, as WALMART
    found out. The Yanks couldn't cut it and sold out to REAL.
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