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Alba DVD 108 not playing dvds

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by T.J. Wells, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. T.J. Wells

    T.J. Wells Guest

    Hi!I just got this Alba DVD108 given to me!But it doesnt like to play dvds
    occasionaly.And also only play certain dvds,but cant find a pattern in which
    ones it likes and dont!Like it plays burnt ones fine,but not originals some
    times.Its a multiplayer in the sense that it plays mp3,cds and other
    I tried musicCDs and they work fine no problems,Also jpegs,and other formats
    like avi seems to work fine
    Any clues?
    Oh,just remembered,when it does play DVDs it seem to get stuck a bit in on
    the DVD,not carrying on freezes like
  2. No doubt it was given to you precisely because the previous owner was having
    problems with it.

    Most common issue with DVD players is a bad pickup. Sorry. This puts it way
    out of the range of an economical repair, even if parts are available (which
    they probably aren't anyway for a cheapie).

    Mark Z.
  3. PainintheAmp

    PainintheAmp Guest

    before you toss the thing , try running a DVD cleaner disk through
    it..theyre about 10 bucks at Walmart
  4. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    They're a waste of 10 bucks too, just pop the cover off the thing and
    carefully dust off the lense.
  5. NSM

    NSM Guest

    Or a dollar at the dollar store but still useless and possibly dangerous to
    your drive.

  6. b

    b Guest

    PainintheAmp ha escrito:
    probably the worst advice you could give is to use a cleaning disc.
    Reason? THEY DON'T WORK. a q-tip moistened with alcohol or maybe window
    claening solution is cheaper and 100% more effective.
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