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Alarm panel with web server?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by teillon, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. teillon

    teillon Guest

    Does this exist? I have spent much of the day reading groups and have
    found nothing, but "it's coming...".

    I'm an absentee owner of a liquor store and am looking to upgrade my
    surveilance and alarm. I easily remote monitor a DVX system, but want
    to remote monitor/audit my alarm system as well...

    Thanks for the advice...
  2. J. Sloud

    J. Sloud Guest

    The auditing part is easy (and cheap, too). Check out:

    click on the "Take a tour of DataSource" hyperlink for a demo.

    As far as monitoring alarms, by far the cheapest option is a paging
    feature on a conventional panel. Text messaging to a pager, phone or
    pager emulation program on a PC may be all you need.

    There are several systems on the market that will communicate with
    your PC as well.
  3. Honeywell vista 128bp and certain vista 20 pI can be web managed

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