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Alarm Contract

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Rich, Oct 2, 2004.

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  1. Rich

    Rich Guest

    I just moved and my alarm dials my dad's (retired) house my brothers house
    (retired Police officer). My cell phone and my wife's (retired) cell phone
    All with in 1/2 mile of my house.

    The insurance company wants to see a alarm contract with a monitoring
    company. I know why but ?
  2. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    Because the discount off your premium is for probably for customers
    with monitored accounts. What you described isn't really monitoring
    in their eyes (or mine).


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  3. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    I'd be interested to know what alarm panel you have. While I don't doubt
    your alarm panel does all that, most usually have an option to dial a
    pager(s) for each alarm event and not a "voice line". I"m not sure what you
    (or any of the other individuals on the list you mentioned) are hearing when
    they answer the phone. Unless you have some means of providing a receiver
    "tone", you'll just hear "dead air", and the panel will keep trying to dial
    the same telephone number for a preset number of times and then switch to
    the alternate number. If there's no "tone" exchanged after all dialling
    attempts programmed into the system have expired, the panel will go into
    "communication failure" trouble.

    Of course you could have a voice dialler hooked up to the alarm outputs.
    Some can dial multiple phone numbers and transmit a pre-recorded message to
    whom-ever answers. None of the above examples would qualify you for the
    insurance discount as most companies require a letter from the alarm company
    indicating the type of monitoring they're performing.

    Frank Olson
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  4. R.H.Campbell

    R.H.Campbell Guest

    The information I have from an insurance type of my acquaintance indicates
    in order to apply the discount, the panel MUST be monitored in such a
    fashion as to guarantee response 24/7 via a professional answering service
    like a monitoring station designed and set up for that purpose. Devices that
    send to cell phones, pagers or that automatically dial house numbers simply
    are not up to the level of reliability and answering certainty that an
    insurance company demands in order to apply discounts. These devices simply
    cannot be counted on to be there when you need them 24/7....

    Interestingly enough, he also tells me that they care little for the actual
    burglary part since the average robbery costs them $3000. But a monitored
    smoke detector can easily save the company $100K plus in home damages via
    early response by fire authorities. Every minute counts in a fire....

  5. --

    -- Guest

    Usually insurance companies requires yearly maintenance AND
    Just make a financial comparison between eventual insurance benefits
    and running cost of maintenance and monitoring in comparison to
    assurance benefit.

    - Realize that when professionals take care of your system that you
    never will be the complete owner of your system, they keep the most
    important password key, the "INSTALLER PASSWORD".

    - If you like to change from maintenance or monitoring company, add or
    remove some sensors, add a internal extra buzzer, disable key path
    button hit sound, disable external alarm sounder and flashing light,
    change entry and exit delay, replace system battery, sell your house
    and hand over the alarm system to the new owner who ask for some
    elementary changes, more simple or complex things you want to improve
    where I don't think of right now, never you will receive that
    Some are willing to reset your entire system to the original
    manufacturer state and then you receive all the original passwords.
    You pay for the installation and pfft its gone.

    Nice people those professionals, you are in good hands with them, they
    avoid you to do some stupidities to they're system, pardon your
    They OWN YOU for new contracts AND YOUR system (job protection)
    UNLESS you force them to provide all passwords (usually 3) before
    contract signature.. But that's another story, try and appreciate.

  6. Wolfpack

    Wolfpack Guest

    I have dealt with many different insurance companies over the years and the
    majority of them follow this formula:

    Non-monitored or self monitored - 0% - 5% Discount
    Monitored intrusion system - 5% -10% Discount
    Monitored Security & Fire - 10% -15% Discount

    However, if you live out in the country or anywhere that take more that 45
    minutes to respond to, even with full monitoring and fire, they will not
    give more that the 5%, if that, as there is very little chance of anyone
    getting caught or the fire department saving your building.

    I have had many clients tell me that they want a voice dialer on their
    system, as they know several people that are willing to monitor the system,
    but as it has been mentioned in other posts here, there is no guarantee that
    there will always be someone around to answer that call. Although the chance
    of it happening is rare, what if you and your wife were on a vacation, and
    for some reason, your brother and father were out somewhere? Who would know
    your system was going off? That is the concern of the insurance company.

    The reason for wanting a contract or proof of monitoring is that in order to
    cover their company, they need some proof as to why they gave you the
    discount. If you provide the paperwork, and it is false or has been
    disconnected, then they can easily argue the claim based on falsified
    documents. It is the old CYA procedure. (Cover Your Ass)

    Hope this helps...
  7. Bob Worthy

    Bob Worthy Guest

    I read the posts that responded and they all dwell on the insurance
    discount. I have seen it where the insurance premium goes up on content
    coverage when there is no monitoring and sometimes they won't insure
    contents at all without monitoring. It isn't always the discount but what
    you may have to pay, in addition, to cover contents or the trouble in
    finding a carrier that will handle it, that becomes the main issue. If you
    are trying to insure anything of real value, Good Luck in today's insurance

  8. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    Your comments are valid, but that sounds more like high value coverage such
    as a large garage filled with classic cars, a jewelry store, gun shop,
    etc... I have seen the circumstances you describe in many business
    applications, but only in special circumstances for residential.
  9. Rich

    Rich Guest

    If I have this monitored what will the monitoring company provided to the
    home owner. other then calling the police. Help with clams?,
  10. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    I don't know of any monitoring company that has clam assistance.


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  11. alarman

    alarman Guest

    G. Morgan wrote
    If so, we would all be herring about it.
  12. Your comments are valid, but that sounds
    That's not surprising. Bob W's business covers the Florida "gold coast"
    (Key West to Melbourne, IIRC). He protects numerous high-end homes. I've
    seen a similar situation over the years in and around Hartford, CT (the
    "insurance capital" of the US). The percentage breaks vary from company to
    company, but, generally speaking, the better breaks go to homes with
    monitored systems.

    OTOH, Bob's experience regarding coverage of contents has been somewhat
    different from mine. Every policy I've seen offered a standard percentage
    of the main policy limit for contents. That is, the policy covered a
    structure valued at $nn and there would be an automatic .40 x nn or .50 x nn
    limit on the contents of the home. That is the way my own homeowner's
    policy is written as well. I would not be surprised to learn that things
    are different on the Atlantic coast where Andrew made an indelible mark on
    the underwriting world some years ago. It's anybody's guess what long-term
    effects this season's repeated disasters will have on insurance policies.
    One thing is for certain -- the price of coverage will increase and the
    availability of coverage will reduced.

    That's just part of the price of living in paradise, I guess. :^)


    Robert L Bass

    Bass Home Electronics
    2291 Pine View Circle
    Sarasota · Florida · 34231
    877-722-8900 Sales & Tech Support
  13. If I have this monitored what will the monitoring company provided to the
    Usually they will charge you somewhere between eight and forty clams per
    month. If the service is provided through a third-party central station
    (the major portion of new installations are done this way) the alarm company
    will pay the monitoring service between two and seven clams a month. The
    difference -- anywhere between $6 and $38 a month -- is alarm company

    The service rendered is pretty much the same, regardless what price you pay.
    Shop around. :^)


    Robert L Bass

    Bass Home Electronics
    2291 Pine View Circle
    Sarasota · Florida · 34231
    877-722-8900 Sales & Tech Support
  14. I don't know of any monitoring company that has clam assistance.
    What shell we do with these pearls of wisdom?
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