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Akai CFT2791

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Thirsty, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Thirsty

    Thirsty Guest

    has anyone here ever experienced this problem?

    have intermittent problem on only one TV channel, sometimes
    reception is perfect, then reception will instantly degrade
    to poor quality picture/snow/poor color, is VHF channel 6.
    problem comes and goes. just annoying. started 2 months ago.

    when reception instantly goes to poor, I can use the tuner
    of a VCR and the picture is perfect when that channel is
    viewed through channel 3 of the TV.

    upon suspecting the TV tuner, I opened the shielded box
    that the cable enters, the insides are only a bunch of
    coils and what appears to be a crystal component.

    TV is Akai CFT2791, have been looking for a schematic or
    service manual to download online but have been unsuccessful. at one time had support for this TV on their
    ws but apparently no longer.

    any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. b

    b Guest

    Thirsty ha escrito:
    AFAIK, akai TVs were made by Samsung and ITT (and probably others).

    As for the problem, try poking with and insulted tool or pencil, see if
    it s a loose connection. Maybe resolder anything suspect in the the
    tuner and IF area.
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