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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Kerry, Aug 14, 2003.

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  1. Kerry

    Kerry Guest


    The above unit, when plugged in, will begin to cycle the tape decks
    non-stop. By opening the tape doors (sometimes) you
    can get it to stop. Also at times pushing a CD button may stop it. A
    that point the unit will function in most modes, however
    if you try to use the mulit-function knob the unit will start cycling
    both tape drives. While the unit does this, you can not
    change any function and it is unresponsive to any button push except
    the power button which will turn off the display but
    NOT the power supply. At times the unit will cycle the CD deck instead
    of the tape drives, however that doesn't happen
    often. Also once in a while, when the problem is there the unit may
    open the CD drawer by itself.

    All voltages and logic levels appear normal including reset and
    hold. Osc level at the micro look good. All DC levels
    show no evidence of any noise and are "flat". One would think the
    problem should be related to the tape decks
    (IE: cam switches etc) except for the fact that when the unit is ok,
    the decks function normally and activating the
    multi-function knob causes the problem to reappear.

    It appears as if the micro gets "busy" doing something or waiting for
    some response and seems to hang.

    So far we have replaced the micro.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. One of the cassette belts is slipping. Rotate the flywheels through to stop
    it. To fix the problem, replace the belts. Most Aiwa models use a 9.5 and
    10.7 inch belts, both about .047 cross-section.

    Mark Z.
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