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AIS Configuration

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by [email protected], Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    Just subscribed to the group, so hope this is not a recent subject.
    Can someone describe to me the wiring of an AIS receiver to a PC
    navigation system? I am using Maptech Chart Navigator Pro. From what I
    can find, I need a serial port to connect the AIS receiver. Already
    using my one serial port for NEMA 0183 traffic between Northstar 941D
    GPS, the PC/CNP, and the Simrad AP20 autopilot.Thanks

  2. Larry

    Larry Guest

    wrote in
    Buy one of these:
    It uses the Prolific chipset others have too.

    It also uses standard Microsoft drivers so should auto-connect.

    Do NOT buy a USB-Serial converter built into a plug as the weight of the
    serial plug and socket will ruin your USB connector in the
    computer/laptop because it's just too heavy with too much mechanical
    advantage. Only get a cable to take the strain off the USB socket.

    At the bottom of the webpage is instructions in small type how to switch
    COM ports to this adapter. It's not rocket science. Your AIS receiver
    needs 38,400 baud...8N1 serial port configuration, which the device
    should sync to automatically with this chipset.

    Pick a separate COM port from your NMEA com port connection. The NMEA
    port is running 4800 Baud. AIS is much faster at 38,400 baud. They
    must be separately connected to the computer. This cable/converter
    self-powers from the USB port on the computer. No other connections are

    Too bad ALL the boats aren't transmitting AIS by now, but I don't think
    the commercial interests want to see all that traffic.
  3. Larry

    Larry Guest

    Yeah, but you don't HAVE to have it on the 20 mile range in a boat going
    10 knots. In reality, you only need to see the boats on the 3 mile
    range, the ones you're crashing into in the fog. I never figured out
    why a sailboat has an 8 mile radar....(c; He needs to see that bouy
    he's about to run over. Now the government bureaucrats need to get off
    their asses and install the FIXED STATION broadcasting all the bouys and
    known obstructions a few times an hour so you KNOW that blip is bouy
    "3b", not a fisherman.
  4. IanM

    IanM Guest

    Of course, the way AIS works, one fixed station on land nice and high up
    like one of the CG aerials could 'paint' the position of *all* nav.
    marks within line of sight on-screen on every AIS connected plotter
    within range. Need to mark a new obstruction? No problem, tag it with a
    virtual mark till you can get a work boat out to lay a buoy.

    Will it happen? Not while the pork is going elsewhere . . .
  5. Larry

    Larry Guest

    The pork here goes into a long line of replacement main gates. God CG is
    proud of that slot to the street. The just replaced it, AGAIN, not long
    ago. It's probably another $500K in next years budget.
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