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Airy Watching ;-)

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Graham W, Jan 16, 2004.

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  1. Leigh

    Leigh Guest

    Do shut up "picabrain"!

  2. RVMJ 99g

    RVMJ 99g Guest

    This is the kind of sophistry that asserts the Foundation Licence is a
    'gangrenous degeneration', but ignores the fact that to the gangrene,
    such 'degeneration' is life itself.....
  3. MattD..

    MattD.. Guest

    On Friday 16 January 2004 6:44 pm, taking a break from trying to find a
    <obligatory, gratuitous Red Dwarf post> molecule mind or smeg for brains. When you want to be really polite
    to him, and I mean really, really polite, on those occasions, you can call
    him Arsehole.

    <Obligatory, gratuitous Red Dwarf post>
  4. Marco

    Marco Guest

    He is probably doing it because you make yourself
    look an utter pillock with every comment you make
    on any of several newsgroups.
    You seem to have a "pick any one of ten responses"
    to comments made, and even the most naive of
    readers can see you are having problems.


    Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
    Checked by AVG anti-virus system
    Version: 6.0.561 / Virus Database: 353 - Release
    Date: 13/01/2004
  5. Leigh

    Leigh Guest least the guy has a reputation - whereas you are just a jerk!
  6. Leigh

    Leigh Guest the number one cyberstalker who is fascinated by Mr Reay's
    Tut tut - and we thought you never resorted to such vulgarity?
    Which counts you out picabrain, as you are not normal and never have been.
  7. Brian Reay

    Brian Reay Guest

    e^(-jwt) isn't a frequency, complex or otherwise.
    Only if you confuse angular velocity (w) with frequency.

    To those that aren't confused by this, negative frequency is a nonsense.

    How many times do you need have this explained to you?

    G8OSN for FREE training material for all UK
    amateur radio licences - a RADIO club specifically for those wishing
    to learn more about amateur radio
  8. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Mr.Reay would appear to cyber-squatting, and once more
    desperately using a Straw Man.....
  9. Cyber-squatting? Is he taking a rest from cyber-stalking?
  10. huLLy

    huLLy Guest

    Yes, has he registered the domain '' and you want it
  11. EEng

    EEng Guest

    Man oh man. Based on your quantity of posts to mine, I really hit a
    nerve, eh? Truth hurts. You're clueless.
  12. No, he's taking a dump - all over Airy.
  13. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    As I said,.....

    You CAN attempt to start a discussion based upon such
    a childish outburst as you employ below.

    You can, but it would not do much for your reputation, nor for
    any discussion that might follow.
  14. DrBoris

    DrBoris Guest

    Rubbish. In an electrolyte (electrolyis that is) the current 'carrier'
    consists of the ions in solution. The anions flow to the anode
    and give up an electron(s); the cations flow to the cathode and take an
    electron(s), the net effect being a flow of electrons in the external
    circuit. The 'currents' in the electrolyte are therefore of the same
  15. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Mr.Reay would appear to be cyber-squatting again, and following
    on from his tirades of yesterday, continuing to behave in a very
    silly and childish fashion. Yet again. he has made a gratuitous attack on
    me, an
    attack that does not follow on from anything that I have posted. He has
    the cheek to complain that it is I who is obsessed with him and his family!

    I offered an olive branch to Mr.Reay yesterday, pointing out that if
    his rather silly and childish attacks on me were to cease, then I
    would no longer assert the right to reply. For whatever reason best
    known to himself, Mr.Reay is determined to continue with his
    pissing-in-the-playground contest.

    What would his children think if they were to read Usenet and realised
    how childishly their Daddy was behaving? Would they find there to
    be a disparity, hypocrisy perhaps, between the standards that he imposes on
    them as they grow up and the public persona that he exhibits on Usenet?

    What, I wonder, would Mr.Reay say to them to explain away his
    multitudinous references to bestiality with sheep?

    Mr.Reay, I exhort you to have second thoughts about your
    infantile behaviour on Usenet!

    As to the remarks below, Mr.Reay is once again using the methods
    of side-stepping, of bullshitting, of spin-doctoring and downright
    lying. The only person who makes reference to resistors being polarised,
    and makes repeated reference at that, is Mr.Reay himself. A strange
    behaviour for someone who boasts of two degrees, one in
    electronics and the other in mathematics!

    As to telling one end of a resistor from the other, for someone who
    boasts of two degrees, one in electronics and the other in
    mathematics, Mr.Reay would seem to be remarkably ignorant
    about the resistor colour code and the importance of
    reading it the right way around.

    Perhaps it is no accident that a Brit OU degree is regarded as
    being the equivalent of 6 GCSE 'O' Levels, and all of them
    in the subject of Cookery?
  16. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Mr.Reay would appear to be cyber-squatting once again, and originating
    infantile attacks on me when I have done nothing to provoke such an attack.

    How Mr.Reay can claim that it is me who is stalking him and who is obsessed
    him is quite beyond me. It is Mr.Reay who is intent on hounding me at every

    Yesterday I offered the olive branch of pointing out that it Mr.Reay were to
    stop his silly and childish tirades against me, then I would have no need
    to assert the right of reply. For some reason lost in the depths of his
    mind, Mr.Reay seems intent on prolonging his pissing-in-the-playground

    What would Mr.Reay's children think if they had access to Usenet
    and could see the infantile persona that he presents to the
    public? Would they perceive a disparity, hypocrisy perhaps, between
    the standards that he imposes on them as they grow up and his
    own rather silly and childish behaviour?

    How would he explain to children under the age of consent his comments
    about bestiality with sheep?

    Mr.Reay, I exhort you to grow up, and to grow up rapidly!

    Shame on you.
  17. During my schooldays, both my best friend and I, took cookery instead of

    It go us into a classroom with twenty five girls!

  18. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

  19. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    No. It is ONLY with reference to another point called a return.

    A floating power supply makes no voltage with reference to ground.
  20. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest


    On our HV supplies "Black" is always the return and chassis ground
    if applicable.

    Our positive supplies have a red "hot" lead, and our negative
    supplies have a clear "hot" lead.
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