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Airy Watching ;-)

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Graham W, Jan 16, 2004.

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  1. Graham W

    Graham W Guest

    If Airy seems a bit more rattled than usual, it is
    because he has just been shown up on

    All his toys are out of the pram well and truely and he has
    resorted to the same insults there as he uses in this NG.

    Anger management isn't one of his fortes, is it?

    73s de
  2. On 16/01/2004 Graham W opined:-
    I have been watching the exchange and it rather defies belief, that a
    person of his supposed knowledge could assume that a crystal could
    possibly oscillate at 4mHz (several minutes per cycle). It was obvious
    to everyone else that 4mHz had to mean 4MHz, yet our Mr Bean insisted
    it meant milli.

    Harry (M1BYT)...

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  3. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    "Airy has been shown up"? No, she hasn't. I challenge you
    to bring evidence of your assertion. All that has been shown
    up is the silly and childish behaviour of someone using the
    pseudonym, "Chimera"; you, perhaps?
  4. Brian Reay

    Brian Reay Guest

    Looks to me like you've been shown up and the evidence is there for all to

    I like Chimera's style and he has got the measure of you perfectly.

    Incidentally, your anger in such that you are getting confused over your
    own gender.

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  5. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    You like the style of someone who resorts to rather silly
    childish remarks and who presents arguments other than
    those which might support the points they make?

    That figures, coming from you!

    What was that you said about e^(-jwt) being a function
    that decreases with increasing time?

  6. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    I have no anger, but truthfulness has never been your strong
    point before, so why should it bother you now?
  7. EEng

    EEng Guest

    I've gotten the impression that Bean is a sophomoric wannabee who
    insists that only he/she is correct on EVERY ISSUE and that everyone
    else is wrong on EVERY ISSUE, so I'm going to clear one thing up real

    There is no such thing as negative frequency, voltage, current, water,
    money, time or anything else for that matter EXCEPT BY CONVENTION WHEN
    REFERRED TO IN RESPECT TO OTHER THINGS. That is why we have the
    concept of "absolute value" to explain that while in
    proportion/relation to other measurements something might appear to be
    negative, it is in fact only by relation to another something, that it
    appears to be negative. Note the word APPEARS.

    Negative Voltage does not exist except in relation to a common, and
    then only by convention and for the sake of mathematics. When
    something has a Pos and Neg rail, its only because its in relation to
    a common reference point we like to call ground. The proof of this is
    if you measure across the entire rail you get a positive reading. If
    in fact the voltage were truly negative, it would cancel the positive
    leg and not add to it.

    Same with frequency. In relation to null, fine, we can SAY its
    negative, but in reality its a PHASE RELATIONSHIP.

    Some of us believe that current flows from ground to positive
    (Electron Theory) and some of us follow Conventional Theory (positive
    to negative) for the purposes of the math but we all use Positive
    Logic when using our calculators.

    There is no negative time except on paper for the purposes of the
    math, and even that is in relation to other time events.. Nobody has
    ever grown younger, no circuit has ever reacted prior to being
    powered, and no frequency has ever turned back on itself to back feed
    into its generating circuit although there have been parasitics that
    APPEAR to be doing just that. Some would argue that a frequency that
    can cancel out noise by being 180deg OOP with the noise is a negative
    frequency, but its not, its still a positive, but out of phase (noise

    I don't really care if you agree or not Airy; engineers can agree to can't.
  8. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    You CAN attempt to start a discussion based upon such
    a childish outburst as you employ below.

    You can, but it would not do much for your reputation, nor for
    any discussion that might follow.
  9. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    An interesting philosophical point, but unrelated to anything
    that has passed here before. A non-sequitur, in fact.
  10. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Another non-sequitur, there has been no discussion of negative
    voltage of which I'm aware.

    You seem to be vociferously arguing something that no-one else
    has raised.
  11. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Frequency is a phase relationship? That's a moot point, but certainly
    not true in respect of one frequency, because then there is no
    other entity with which to have any sort of relationship.
  12. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    It's not a question of belief, but of historical accuracy. the
    early workers were concerned with the behaviour of electrolytes
    and not of external circuitry.

    Their theories came before JJThompson discovered the electron, but
    they proved to be correct, in that the main current flows from positive
    to negative within the electrolyte. Clearly, in any circuit external to
    the electrolyte (of a cell) the opposite direction applies.

    You get the same difficulties when considering charge flow within
    a semiconductor- the explanation of fields within the BJT, for example,
    is not a good mechanism for describing the behaviour of the circuit
    into which the BJT may be placed.
  13. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    I don't agree with you. If you take any time, such as now, as time
    zero, then there is negative time. Negative Time is particularly important
    in the evaluation of Fourier's maths.
  14. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    That seems to be another non-sequitur.
  15. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    From the start point of the discussion, complex frequency of
    the form e^(-jwt) is negative frequency.
  16. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    As I said in another post, you CAN start a discussion based on
    rather silly ad hominem blurt-outs, but it won't do much for
    your reputation.
  17. MattD..

    MattD.. Guest

    What childish outburst? He simply pointed out, quite correctly, that to
    understand engineering principles one must understand the underlying
    physics that allow those principles to be.

    Can you say "divide by zero"? Apply this to "Big K" and see where you get
    the idea that an impulse with no width, zero t has infinite amplitude. You
    were thinking like a computer and not applying what is known about the
    quantum measure principle or any other supporting physics that theorises
    that a zero time period cannot exist. It can't be measured in a sample, for

    Don't think I'm being abusive. I had a momentary lapse of reason on the
    subject of RCDs which needed one kind gentleman to correct me via email. I
    learnt from the experience and modified my approach. Hopefully, this was
    the right thing to do and I recommend it to you.
  18. Brian Reay

    Brian Reay Guest

    Before you go steaming off into another area you don't understand, I suggest
    you go back an look at the definition of frequency as 1/Period.

    As Chimera has pointed out (as I have in the past) the time to complete one
    cycle is always +ve. In the model you use but seem to want Chimera to
    explain to you, the time to complete one rotation is always +ve. The fact
    that one rotation is cw and the other ccw is irrelevant to the definition of
    frequency. It does, however, explain another point relating to e(-jwt) that
    you can't seem to comprehend either.

    You are confusing frequency and phase and you scanty understanding of
    sampled waveforms is confusing you even more.

    For most people, I urge them not to 'stove pipe' ideas and concepts as
    linking them is the crux of true understanding. However, in your case, I
    suggest you stick to the stove pipe approach as you are just getting
  19. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Mr.Reay would appear to be cyber-stalking once again.

    I wonder what it is about his psyche that causes him
    to interpret every discussion as a childish playground-pissing

    Normal people are quite capable of a technical discussion without
    needing to resort to yah-boo-sucks at every turn, as he seems to
    need to do.
  20. Leigh

    Leigh Guest

    I've just had a look - and he's resorting to calling them the usual FUR f
    'Stupid Boys'. He's been made as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit!

    Better than that - they've called him - wait for it - "picabrain".

    Absolutely perfect.

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