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Airy R Bean

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Brian Reay, Jan 17, 2004.

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  1. I don't know whether it's possible for a retarded slug like Anus to grow up.
    I think it would be quite befitting for him to form part of the foundations
    for a new cathedral in Chippenham.
  2. Tony Jeffree

    Tony Jeffree Guest

    I notice that you don't specify what of ;-)

  3. I dread to think how much effect having a neighbour like Anus would have on
    the value of your property.
  4. RVMJ 99g

    RVMJ 99g Guest

    Your linking holders of the FL with 'turnip brains' might just qualify
    as 'insulting' to those holders. Mrs Windsor might have something to
    say as well, along with those nice chaps from Hereford, and those
    people that lost relatives when the Germans initiated WWII, for

    Please stop trying to rewrite history.
  5. huLLy

    huLLy Guest

    Well done, Tox.. you always make me laugh with your sense of humour.. keep
    it up :)
  6. Rich Mackin

    Rich Mackin Guest

    Seriously, no-one on uk.railway cares about any of this nonsense. Thanks.
  7. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    I don't think that anybody cares for the venting of Mr.Reay's spleen,
    nor for the hordes of birdbrains twittering along with him.

    However, I reserve the right of reply in defence.

    Apologies to those who've been exposed to the onslaught of infantility
    and irrelevance from the denizens of and!

    Who'd have thought that expressing sentiments about what is, or is not,
    Ham radio, or the difficulties of driving stepper motors from a Windows
    PC could have caused such childish outbursts!

  8. RVMJ 99g

    RVMJ 99g Guest

    Well said. Bean links something called 'ham radio' with 'gentlemanly
    traditions', thereby putting 100 years of female emancipation at risk
    [1], but nevertheless he does not hold a licence that describes either
    'ham radio' or a 'ham licence'. By his logic he is not a gentleman!

    [1] not relieved by referring to all and sundry by the feminine.
  9. RVMJ 99g

    RVMJ 99g Guest

    Well, I for one don't agree that Mr Reay's contributions comprise
    'rather silly and childish outbursts'. I also don't agree that
    whatever he posts here should 'reflect' on his children, who do not
    post here. Your attitude to this is, IMHO, disgraceful. Take Mr Reay
    on and beat him if you can. I for one doubt you can. But I believe at
    a minimum you should apologise for causing concern where none should
    have been raised, like the 'gentlemanly traditions' of which you are
    so fond of would demand. HTH.
  10. RVMJ 99g

    RVMJ 99g Guest


    I like the bit where he says "Why do we need a further exam for
    incentive licensing? Do we not have enough already?....
    (1) CB licence as an appetite whetter
    (2) Novice licence
    (3) RAE."
  11. Rich Mackin

    Rich Mackin Guest

    Why is this stuff being cross-posted to uk.railway? No-one here cares!
  12. Interesting! I was about to ask what made him change his mind, but then I
    remembered he doesn't have a mind to change.
  13. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    And no-one cares in, or
  14. F1LBY

    F1LBY Guest

    Only because they're an easy target.. What could be simpler using children
    for personal gain and for abuse?


  15. Neil Ellwood

    Neil Ellwood Guest

    Please go and good riddance.
  16. Neil Ellwood

    Neil Ellwood Guest

    They would find a gutter personality - airy r. bean.
  17. Neil Ellwood

    Neil Ellwood Guest

    You must be arguing with yourself in the main as your posts are following
    one another with boring regularity.
  18. Tony Jeffree

    Tony Jeffree Guest

    Well, all I can say is that if he darkens the doors of ukmodeleng &
    perpetrates the kind of behaviour he has displayed here, the shrift he
    will receive will be very short indeed.

  19. Is Brian Reay an anagram for Airy R Bean??

  20. Brian Reay

    Brian Reay Guest

    They are anagrams.

    Brian Reay is a real person, me.

    Airy R Bean posts things like:

    The three young ladies he refers to are my daughters.

    Now, I'm sure he will try to 'explain' his postings but there are many
    other made under his various false names.

    G8OSN for FREE training material for all UK
    amateur radio licences - a RADIO club specifically for those wishing
    to learn more about amateur radio
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