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Airy R Bean

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Brian Reay, Jan 17, 2004.

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  1. Brian Reay

    Brian Reay Guest

    Hi Guys,

    "Airy R Bean" in his various guises of socket puppet has repeatedly
    directed comments at my daughters on the basis he considers them 'fair
    game' for such contact because the appeared in a news report in RadCom (a
    legitimate and respectable amateur radio magazine) following their various
    successes in the Foundation and Intermediate examinations.

    He has also posted comments, under a different false name, following the
    Soham murders, in particular " other people's children are always so
    selfish, noisy, and inconsiderate of other's property that one or two going
    missing might do wonders for the attitudes of bad parents?". That suggests
    a less than healthy respect for the welfare children. In fact, he seems to
    consider them 'fair game' in any vendetta he may undertake. A vendetta based
    on no more than his own failings and inability to learn.

    Now, newsgroups are a forum where abuse is par for the course and, I for
    one, don't get upset by much of what is said about me. If I did, I'd play

    However, "Airy R Bean" goes far beyond that and his fascination with my
    family, especially when coupled with his comments re the Soham murders, is a
    disturbing matter.

    He gets aware with his activities because we tolerate him, when we don't
    need to. Abuse reports have already been sent to those in his ISP supply
    chain, namely:

    The Email address he is currently using.
    The company that supplies his virtual ISP supplier
    His news server.

    If. like me, you are tired of his activities, I urge you to complain as
    well. Although many of you know his real identity, all you need do is
    complain about his assumed one. His IP address with do the rest and he can't
    claim defamation without revealing his identity in public, thereby admitting
    to his postings.

    I've little doubt he will 'reappear' elsewhere- with another ISP and
    possibly identity- and we may have to repeat this process but, eventually,
    it will become apparent to him and his family that his activities are not

  2. .

    . Guest

    and the point of posting this trash is.......?
  3. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest


    I have been put on the defensive by a scurrilous, continued, gratuitously
    insulting and quite unnecessary campaign from you. Your post yesterday
    in which you made gratuitous reference to software engineering and other
    non-contemporaneous matters is evidence of such. The gratuitous remarks
    that you make in your posting below are further evidence.

    Grow up, Mr Reay!

    I have _NEVER_ considered your daughters to be "fair game" but have
    only referred to them in an exhortation to you to behave in a manner more
    relevant to a public forum.

    Seemingly, those appeals have fallen on deaf ears.
  4. This really is trivial. No one should be reporting anyone to ISP's.
    Such things should only be reported where it is beleived that there is
    danger or threat to life or property and where such matters may be
    subject to criminal investigation. The cut and thrust of
    debate,insult,and counter insult is all part of Usent to me and i dont
    run off with my bag of sweets just becuase someone says something
    nasty about me. My skin is as thick as a Rhino's arse and i couldnt
    care less so lets settle down chaps??

    G0 Joe
  5. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Indeed, the solution to this whole affair would seem
    to lie in Mr.Reay's hands, and in Mr.Reay's hands alone.

    If Mr.Reay will stop his rather silly and childish campaign
    against me, then I will no longer feel the need to respond in
    defence, for that is all that I have ever done.

    Bearing in mind some of the unnecessary and completely
    untrue things that he has laid at my door, I think Mr.Reay
    should start the ball rolling by unconditionally apologising
    for his remarks about drunkenness and about bestiality
    with sheep, (remarks that under no stretch of the imagination
    could be relevant to any of these newsgroups), and by undertaking
    never to repeat them again.

    Over to you, Mr.Reay.....
  6. huLLy

    huLLy Guest

    You mean like you using various anagrams of Brian's name in your headers...
    creepy, creepy Gareth..
  7. That's easy to say, Joe when you are not on the end of one of his attacks.

  8. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Airy R.Bean has never made any attacks, nor has ever
    initiated foul and insulting remarks.

    I am, however, human, and will respond defensively when

    How about Mr.Forbes putting his money where his mouth is,
    and giving an illustration of an attack from me?
  9. Rich Mackin

    Rich Mackin Guest

    Why is this garbage being cross-posted to uk.railway?

    <uk.railway removed from follow-ups>
  10. Leigh

    Leigh Guest

    Yeah - very true - and it would be one way for Gareth to end his petty
    vendetta against Brian.

    It's about time Gareth took a dose of his own medicine and GREW UP!
  11. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Hell hath no fury like Mr.Reay scorned?
    <uk.railway restored to follow-ups>

  12. Whether you consider his daughters to be fair game or not is irrelevant, the
    very fact that you keep on bringing them up in your replies proves that you
    are not a gentleman, and also instills a worrying image of yourself to the
    rest of the newsgroup.

    Isnt it about time you grew up and started acting like the gentleman that
    you keep on saying you are, if you have a problem with Brian then keep your
    comments aimed at him and stop refering to his children.

    Cheers Chris - G0TOO
  13. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    You are quite wrong. That I have never considered Mr.Reay's
    daughters to be fair game is entirely relevant and a rightful defence
    to Mr.Reay's assertions to the contrary.

    As to references to Mr.Reay's children; he has published details
    of them in a similar forum to this one, and to the same intended
    audience. It is entirely relevant to draw Mr.Reay's attention to the
    fact that his rather silly and childish outbursts in a public forum
    will reflect rather badly on his children whom he is intent on
    exposing to the same audience.

    To the contrary, it is entirely gentlemanly to appeal to Mr.Reay's
    conscience that his public tantrums should be better thought of. It
    is entirely gentlemanly to seek that his behaviour should be civil
    and polite and not the rather silly and infantile abusive tirades
    that were his wont.
  14. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Yes - it'll be good to get away from the likes of Reay and Stephenson.
  15. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Why not post the whole context, including the childish sneers
    from you that instituted the responses you cite?
  16. Posted by Mr Bean 13/01/2004 13:07
    Posted by Mr Bean 14/01/2004 10:32
    Posted by Mr Bean 15/01/2004 09:06
    Posted by Mr Bean 16/01/2004 10:25
    Posted by Mr Bean 16/01/2004 10:25
    Posted by Mr Bean 16/01/2004 13:00
    Posted by Mr Bean 16/01/2004 13:00
    The comments above were aimed specificaly at me by yourself and were
    initiated by yourself without any provocation from me.

    There are many more comments made by you Mr Bean some not as bad, but some
    much worse aimed at various people on this newsgroup, there isnt even a need
    to do a search on google to find these comments as you have made so many of
    them in the past week that you only need to read any thread you have replied
    to, to find them.

    Cheers Chris - G0TOO
  17. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    In fact, I invite whose who may be interested (is
    anybody really?) to visit the newsgroup
    and seek all postings by author, "G0TOO".

    From his first appearance in the NG on the 6th January
    this year, he dived right in with personal attacks on me.
    ISTR that there were 3 gratuitous and unprovoked out-of-the-blue
    attacks on me by G0TOO before I responded at all, and then
    only in defence.

    Again, I challenge anybody to find any attacks or unpleasantness
    that were originated by me. You will find none.
  18. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

  19. --
    All outgoing mail is checked using
    Sophos Anti-Virus
    Version 3.73
    Virus definitions updated daily

    And outgoing attatchment protection using
    Zone Alarm Pro
    Your argument that he has already published details of his family on the
    internet has no relevance as far as you are concerned, if he wishes to tell
    people about his family he has every right to do so, as it is his family,
    not your family.
    As you claim to be a gentleman you should know better than to try and use
    references to a persons family as this is in no way whatsoever gentlemanly
    behaviour, as for public tantrums and civil and polite behaviour you
    yourself dont have room to talk of late as you have been far worse than any
    person on this newsgroup.

    Cheers Chris - G0TOO
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