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AIR-X wind generator

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by JERD, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. JERD

    JERD Guest

    Anyone else had difficulties with obtaining technical support from the
    manufacturers of Air-X wind generators made by Southwest Wind Power?
    Maybe it's just because I'm an Auzzie and live too far away from them to
    Maybe a case of 'out of sight , out of mind'.

  2. JERD

    JERD Guest

    As the retired holder of a pilot's licence I have an interest in and some
    knowledge of airfoils. I have observed that the front of the blades supplied
    with the Air-X are quite bumpy/rippled on their surface in some places -
    more on the extreme ends of the blades. I suspect this is the result of the
    manufacturing die process. This is only a small amount but the blades are no
    way from smooth!

    This is not good for an airfoil!

    I was wondering if a very light sanding of these rippled spots might be
    acceptable. I am aware of implications regarding blade balance etc.

  3. Norman Webb

    Norman Webb Guest

    Haven't had the need yet.

    What's your problem??


    JERD wrote in message ...
  4. Norman Webb

    Norman Webb Guest

    JERD wrote in message ...
    Funny you should mention this, but my blades have the some surface
    imperfections. Since I only use it once a year when camping in a remote
    location, my warranty has expired and I never got around to contacting Air
    X. I am considering getting out the wet and dry paper to smooth them out.

    Another issue however, is the blades are slightly out of alignment and when
    observed side on when rotating, the tip of one blade is about a cm (half
    inch) ahead of the other. As a result ( I think) I get a chuffing sound at
    low speeds.

    A mate who plays with model helicopters said I should pack out the blade to
    equalize them but I don't know if this is advisable.

    Otherwise I am reasonably happy with it as a complement to solar panels.


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