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Air conditioner wiring

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Fat Crack Ho, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. Fat Crack Ho

    Fat Crack Ho Guest

    I've just bought a JBS air conditioner. The wiring is such that the power lead
    runs into the head and from the head to the compressor. In general with the
    majority of split systems, is it possible to run a dedicated 3 core power cable
    to the compressor and simply connect the control cable between the head and

    The reason I ask is that the compressor is going to be mounted about 1m away
    from my meter box. This will save me the hassle of getting a dedicated circuit
    installed in my bedroom for the air con if only the head is running out of the

  2. Wayne Reid

    Wayne Reid Guest

    You have to run the control cable and gas pipes between the compressor and
    head unit. Just mount a weatherproof GPO outside and run the power flex from
    the head unit out with the control wire, break it out of the duct near the
    GPO and voila! Bob's your uncle.

    But if you do it yourself you are being naughty and you'll need a
    certificate from a licenced installer to make any future waranty claim.

  3. James

    James Guest

    stuff snipped to make it shorter
    .. Just mount a weatherproof GPO outside and run the power flex from
    Usually a lockable isolation switch is installed near to where the
    compressor is to be mounted (the outside bit). These are usually
    weather proof switches which a padlock or tag can be put inside so it
    can be locked off for servicing. Small aircons, like 1 hp or less
    often seem to be just plugged into a normal power point, running
    current is less than 5 amps. Most single phase split system aircons
    come with a cord and plug but around here this is usually cut off and
    the unit hard wired to an isolation switch.

    Running a few metres of single phase cable isn't very difficult or
    expensive, just has to go where it has to go or you'll end up with a
    crappy installation :)

    The airconditioners ive seen installed state the power requirements in
    the instruction book and recommended circuit breaker size.

    You could DIY it but its a lot of messing around and you probably dont
    want to break it. Theres a few tricks with them too which only come
    from experience.

  4. On 27 Apr 2004 04:49:30 -0700, (James) wrote:
    Hello James,
    I would like to know the tricks. Please don't keep them to yourself.
    John Crighton
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