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AIM Virus/trojan going around! Where do I report this?!?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Michael Kennedy, May 11, 2006.

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  1. There is apparently a virus or script of some kind goin around on AIM...

    I got this earlier and my computer started sending out aim messages with the
    same thing over and over again to eveybody on my buddy list.. Including
    myself since I'm on my own buddy list.

    This was the message:

    how good is this picture of us for myspace? .

    I put spaces before and after the .zip just so nobody accidentally clicks on
    this and gets the trojan or whatever the hell this is.
    Who do I report this to? ?
  2. JR North

    JR North Guest

    What in Gods name are you doing with AOL anyway? Dump them.

  3. Report it? No you clean up your computer and keep it clean with GOOD
    anti virus and anti spyware software. Install a firewall while you are
    at it. Here is a link to some good software that is free for personal

    I would get rid of AIM, as well. its too easy for hackers and
    malicious software to get to your computer when its running. ICQ is
    better, but instant messaging software runs a server application on your
    PC when you are logged in to the network.
  4. What in Gods name are you doing with AOL anyway? Dump them.
    I dumpped AO-Hell ten years ago.. I only use their instant messenger because
    everyone I know uses it..

    - Mike
  5. Thanks for the tip..
    I thought I was pretty much protected because I have all of those installed
    except zonealarm and mailwasher.. Verry odd avg didn't detect the trojan
    protector.exe that had installed itself to C:\
    I have avg set up to automatically update and scan my entire hard drive once
    a day...

    Whatever it was it did some damage.. Spybot coudn't remove it so I ran
    Ad-Aware and it failed also. I then proceded to boot to safe mode I managed
    to delete most of the crap with hijackthis but I still had no luck at
    removing one dll file.. Safe mode command prompt wouldn't let me remove it
    even. I finally got it straightened after booting to last known good config
    and then sifting through the registry to try to re-enable windows firewall
    which had been totally disabled and greyed out all the options..

    Hopefully I've found all of the crap that got on here now..

    - Mike
  6. Dana

    Dana Guest

    I know that is right.
  7. Ray L. Volts

    Ray L. Volts Guest

    Maybe u should consider convincing everyone u know to meet u on ICQ from now
    on. :)

  8. Sometimes you have to turn off system restore to delete infected
    files. Just make sure you turn it back on when you're done, and you
    don't want to be oline when your computer is more vulnerable.
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