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Ahh, the magical healing powers of a bunch of blinking LEDs.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by David, Jul 27, 2003.

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  1. David

    David Guest

    I absolutely could not believe the latest infomercial today.

    Called Light Force Therapy. LFT9000 $250!!!!

    It looks like a bunch of high output and IR blinking LED's to relieve pain.
    Can it really work like they say?

    Sure seems like it would be much less expensive to buy one of those 5 watt
    IR sources used for security camera purposes.

  2. If you believe it will work then it just might work! If you are skeptical,
    then it probably won't work!
  3. Mike Berger

    Mike Berger Guest

    And if you're epileptic, it'll cause a seizure!
  4. Pepebuho

    Pepebuho Guest

    Placebo Effect. Works everytime like a charm
  5. Andre

    Andre Guest

    Its impossible for infra-red pulsed light to cause seizures or
    migraines . Unless its a high powered (>5mW) infra-red laser (which
    would cause eye damage anyway) .

    If it was, TV remotes would carry a warning label, which they do not .

    However, pulsed infra-red has been used as an alternative to
    electromagnetic fields in a Rife device - and it is supposed to work .
    Also it is "line of sight" as IR only penetrates a few cm of tissue .

    Also, I did hear that some wavelengths of NIR light will enhance cell
    repair and maintenance by affecting cytochromes in the mitochondria .
    IIRC this was in "New Scientist" .

  6. I agree. However, it's reported that this device also uses red LEDs. I
    admit that I know little about it but $200 sounds kind of pricey. Migraine
    symptoms visit me from time to time and mine can be triggered by light.
  7. bigmike

    bigmike Guest

    I don't know about penetrating tissue, but at 200 bucks, it will definitely
    penetrate your pocketbook.
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