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AGC Design

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Mark Atom, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. Mark Atom

    Mark Atom Guest

    I designed a simple AGC circuit that took the output from a detector and
    fed it into an inverting op-amp integrator (- input). On the + input, I
    connected an adjustable reference voltage. The reference allows me to
    adjust the output level of the AGC. The inverting integrator is followed
    by an inverter stage and connected to the AGC amplifier. I adjusted the
    integrator gain and got it working well. My breadboard used op-amps
    with split supplies.

    Now I find out that there was only a single supply made available to
    power the AGC circuit, so I'll have change op-amps and use a single
    supply design.

    I found and evaluated some non-inverting integrator circuits and I think
    they will work OK for my design since the bandwidth is low.

    My question is how do I connect the detector output AND the reference to
    the non-inverting integrator so a comparison can be made?

  2. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    You have a couple of choices

    1. Feed the detector output AC coupled to the amp and DC bias the amp at

    2. Get a cheap ( < $1 ) switched cap inverter to produce your negative
    supply. TI makes some good to 60mA in a SOT-23. National, Maxim and
    Linear tech (to name just three) also make such things.


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