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After Hours

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Bob La Londe, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    How many of you get customers who insist you should come take care of
    routine service substantially after hours and charge the same rate as if you
    came during the normal working day.

    I get that sort of thing almost everyday. I get really tired of it. I have
    a life other than the business. Am I unreasonable to think that people
    should have to pay if they insist on late hours service for things that
    could be done during the normal work day?

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  2. Guest

    ask them if the cable or telco company can come after hours?? For sure
    not down here ...
  3. Guest

    ask them if the cable or telco company can come after hours?? For sure
    not down here ...

    if you offer 24 hour service then that is different.
  4. Guest

    thats fair, if they want to save money then they have to be home during
    the day.

    i work nights mainly myself, but then I have no life, there isnt
    anything else to do down here except drink anyway, other than work!
  5. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    Subject: After Hours

    Not at all. Unless it's a nuisance alarm (runaway dialer, un-resetable siren),
    it's not an emergency. Of course that changes if it's a fire alarm.
  6. what I do...raise all your rates just a little , then make a big deal of *not* charging extra for off hour calls. Holidays are a different story.
  7. rory...they don't even charge for service unless they come in the house!
    cable doesn't charge for service at all.
  8. Guest

    Huh?? Cable has free service over there! ?

    Darn, here cable is ripping all their signals from the US without
    paying, and then chargin us for everything, even service!

    I charge if I walk out my door! :)
  9. Guest

    but den i is be duckin dem bullets and ting dread!
  10. I run a long day so if it is on the way home no big deal running a quick
    call but i only have a hand full of residential however the comercail
    stuff cant wait
    as it is usally critical I work all kinds of strange hours to fit jobs in
    to keep from disrupting customers buisnes which they really appreciate.

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