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adxrs401 gyroscope troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Feb 21, 2007.

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    I've been experiencing some problems with my ADXRS401 gyro chip.
    I've actually fabricated a circuit board quite similar to that
    included in the datasheet
    of the ADXRS401 evaluation board (actually, copied it verbatim =)

    When I tested the chip, the rate output is stuck at 1.25 volts, even
    in slightly
    accelerated rotation. I've also tried to excite the self test pins but
    the change in
    the output rate voltage is very very minimal. the capacitors that I've
    used for the
    charge pump are the ceramic type. (Vcc = 5V)

    What puzzles me more is that the Temperature Sensor and the 2.5v
    Voltage Reference pins are both working, indicating that I've powered
    up the chip properly.

    I have two ADXRS401 chips and both of them act exactly the same way.

    My hunch is that the charge pump circuit is not working properly but I
    don't have
    any idea how to check it.

    Any of you guys have encountered the same problem? Or at least those
    who have
    experienced working with this chip, did you encounter some
    difficulties at the start or made any modifications in the interface
    circuit provided in the datasheet?

    any feedback would be highly appreciated. thanks!

    url of the datasheet:
  2. Guest

    BGA package, eh? probably got a solder bridge under the chip. try
    reflow the chip...
  3. Guest

    yes, its the BGA package, unfortunately. *LOL*

    well, i have reflowed the chips for nth time. I'm a bit wary now that
    i might burn the chip
    anytime on the next reflow. haha!

    but nonetheless, ill try to reflow it again, hopefully, that would
    solve my problem.

    anymore insights? big thanks!
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