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Advise identifying an IC?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Herb T, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. Herb T

    Herb T Guest

    I'm trying to identify a small 0.4 cm x 0.4 cm 6-pin DIP IC chip that
    has two rows of part numbers written on it. 493, 328T, and a symbol
    "o----" (round dot with a solid line above it, like a musical note
    rotated 90 degrees). Its package is a ceramic base with
    silver/steel cap and a gold outline. The board has an antenna and a PIC
    processor, but the part doesnt seem to be directly connected to either
    of these components based on probing. I did notice 1.5 V input on pin 2
    (I think). It's a low power component, and the whole board fits in the
    palm of your hand. Some have suggested a crystal filter, but I can't
    find any data sheet that reflects the numbers written on this IC. I've
    tried googling, but the results weren't useful. These are the basic
    questions I'd like to pose to this group...

    a. Essentially does anyone have rules of thumb they use to help them
    figure out what an unknown IC is?
    b. Any ideas what this is based on the part number or symbol?
    c. Where I ought to look to figure it out?
    d. What I ought to measure that could help me based on voltages,
    signals, or currents, or what it is attached to that would help me
    figure out what its for or what it does?
    e. Any ideas where else I can look to find the answer?

    I've already struck out over at sci.electronics.components, so maybe
    this group is keener on these types of questions.

    Rikard Bosnjakovic

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