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advice on electronics career in uk?

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Ben, Dec 22, 2003.

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  1. Ben

    Ben Guest

    Hi there folks,

    I was hoping anyone with experience in the UK could offer me some career
    advice. I'm actually currently doing a PhD in animal behaviour,
    expecting to be finished next year. Frequently I need bespoke equipment
    to automate experiments, and often I've built it myself. Initially this
    was to save money but I've really started to enjoy doing learning about
    electronics and using the knowlege practically. I get a real kick out
    of being able to buy some cheap components and build something working
    with little more than a soldering iron. So, seeing as a career in
    accademia is really really difficult these days, I've been thinking
    about trying to get into electronic engineering profesionally. Now,
    obviously the big problem is I have a degree in biology, not
    electronics. However, I have found one or two jobs which offer on the
    job electronics engineering training, even for non-engineering
    graduates. For an example, see
    for my current dream job.

    So, I was wondering, are jobs like that, which I think I might have a
    chance of getting, extremely rare? I'm suspecting that only a really big
    unusual organisation like the BBC would take on untrained engineers.
    Does anyone have any advice about how to find more similar vacancies or
    about how to improve my chances? Is there anything else you think I need
    to know? I would really appreciate any advice.

    Thanks very much,

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