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Advice on "breaking in" a new Panasonic plasma TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dan, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Dan

    Dan Guest

    After 20+ years with the same sorry 27" Sharp CRT television, my wife & I
    bought a Panasonic TH-58PX600OU 58" plasma HDTV. I have read here and there
    about the desirability of "breaking in" the screen, using lower than default
    brightness settings, etc. Is this really required? It's not mentioned in
    the manual. Also, there is much mention (including in the manual) about not
    displaying 4:3 images for "prolonged periods" (whatever that would be) due
    to the bars on the sides burning into the screen. Is this much of an issue
    with a modern plasma? Black bars also appear at top & bottom with other
    aspect ratios, are these also potentially damaging in "real world" terms?
    This set is terrific, we had bought a 46" Samsung 1080P LCD & returned it,
    because the shadow detail, black levels, uneven blacks across the screen,
    etc., and this one is MUCH more impressive, even though it is "only" 720P.
    Any observations from the experts here about living with this set in general
    would be greatly appreciated.


  2. The panasonic glass is pretty bomb proof.

    There are a couple of precautions to take but that's about it

    1 - Take the display out of 'Dynamic' mode. This is often the default
    setting and has the brightness and contrast way to high. Some say this is a
    deliberate effort by the manufacturers to make their panel stand out in the

    2 - Drop the brightness and contrast down for the first 100-200 hours.
    Don't go mad, just so that you can view it comfortably but it isn't lighting
    up the room.

    Also check that you have done this for each of the inputs you use. It's
    pretty common for TVs to have sepearte display settings for each input.

    I run the satellite (loads of logos) and XBox on my Panny without a hint of
    screen burn.


  3. Dan

    Dan Guest

    Thanks, Nigel, that's good to hear & I appreciate the tips. The set did
    default to "Vivid", which I've back off to "normal". I'll back the
    brightness off a tad as well. When you go into service mode, the set
    actually tracks hours of use, so it's easy to tell when the 100-200 hours
    have elapsed.

  4. Mr. Land

    Mr. Land Guest

    Once you get used to this set, I'd wager you'll NEVER use "Vivid" -
    it's just awful. Drives the circuitry into saturation on my Panny,
    gives a solarization effect - picture starts to look like a moving
    color-by-numbers painting - just terrible!

    If you want top picture quality from this set, I strongly suggest you
    get one of the video setup DVD's (e.g. Avia or Joe Kane Productions
    DVDs) and use it to completely align your set.

    I fiddled with all my settings for hours before I decided I had
    adjusted it to its optimal picture - but then I got one of these
    alignment DVDs, ran through its suggested settings and WHAT A
    DIFFERENCE. I wasn't even close. And I learned a bit, too. For
    instance, I was surprised to learn that on these sets, a "Sharpness"
    setting of anything greater than 0 actually degrades the picture (you
    get overshoot on dark/light transitions.)

    Enjoy this set, it's great.
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