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Advice on $1 colour TV's.

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by rodney, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. rodney

    rodney Guest

    I have just bought a couple of colour
    51" TV's at auction for $1 each.

    They look similar to the TV's at TAB outlets.
    The on/off switch and volume slides have been
    covered with bostik, on a side panel they
    have a computer 3 pin power socket
    and a board with BNC couplings.

    Any idea if these can work? I was wondering
    if I can program a remote to change channels.

    I can supply a link to an image of the
    connection board if req

  2. Sounds suspiciously like it's a monitor of sorts, which might mean it
    doesn't have an RF receiver. In that case you could probably use it
    with an external digital set top box.

    The photo might help.

  3. rodney

    rodney Guest

    G'day Dave,
    thanks for replying, for a minute there, I thought
    perhaps I may need to replace my anti perspirant.

    Here is a photo, a little blurry, I was stumbling around in the
    dark in the garage.

    Post back if you need a clearer scan.

    I am fairly sure they are TV's and were sold as such
    in the auction, perhaps they came from a hospital

    a fellow at the auction, a regular said he could
    have the codes for the remote to change channels
    I'll see him at the next it auction in 14 days.

    Thanks again Dave.
  4. rodney

    rodney Guest

    Aha! W.A.C.A.E
    West Australian College of Advanced Education.
  5. Looks like a monitor to me. It does not have an RF input so there will
    be no RF receiver in there to tune in any channels. You can only use
    it as a TV if you use an external digital STB (or an external analog
    tuner, but that would be more trouble than it's worth I think). I
    assume it would take a normal PAL composite video signal on the BNC

    No point getting a remote to change channels, you would leave it fixed
    on the one input.

  6. rodney

    rodney Guest

    Roger that,
    I'll check with the guy at the auction, in the next
    two weeks to just make sure, before I take them to
    the tip.
    I still fail to see why they would put a monitor in a TV
    frame complete with buttons.
    BTW I lied, I just saw the receipt, and they were $2.50 each :)
    Thanks for corresponding Dave.
    Best wishes
  7. rodney

    rodney Guest

    Howdy there Don,
    I'll mosey on out to the shed, and take some more
    Be back in a jiff
    Your suggestion seems very relevent, just the query
    remains, can they be reverse engineered to
    become TV's again?
    The only reason I persist, is 51" is a nice size
    to have in the shed without tossing it out.

    The other auction buyer seems to think they can,
    he bought about a dozen :)

  8. Very interesting indeed.

    Do you have a video source like a digital STB, camcorder, or digital
    If so just whack it in and see if you get a picture.
    If you do then I'd just get a new or 2nd hand Standard Def STB off
    eBay or whatever and use that. New ones are going for as little as
    $20+postage on eBay these days and you get the advantages of digital
    TV and a remote to go with it. By far a better option than trying to
    modify it back into an analog TV I recon.

  9. rodney

    rodney Guest

    Shall do Don,

    here is the box

    you may need to save to HDD then open to
    see in correct res

    and another.......

  10. Robbo

    Robbo Guest

    or go verge shopping for a old VCR, just use it for the tuner --> vid out
  11. rodney

    rodney Guest

    "Verge Shopping" I like that :)
    Thanks boys,
    all your input is appreciated.
    I'll post on my progress.

    did I tell you about the other lot I bought,
    $5 for what I thought was a box of 10 PC keyboards.

    Turned out it was the boxes behind as well,
    I now have 150 microsoft keyboards........Arghhh
    I may have to go "Verge depositing".
  12. dmm

    dmm Guest

    Why not sell them on ebay them for a $1 each?
  13. rodney

    rodney Guest

    I have never sold anything on Ebay,
    sounds too much like hard yakka.

    What I shall do though, is stick them
    in the car for the next "boot sale" at $1
    and see what happens.

    Personally, when I changed to the MS keyboard,
    from an old generic, I am finding the MS clunky,
    the keys harder to press, the enter key too small,
    and the wrists more elevated.
    I'll persist for another month or so, or go looking
    for another board.
  14. Too much hassle.
    I don't know why anyone bothers selling anything on eBay for only a
    few bucks.

  15. <Panic averted after reading properly>

    See what happens when you don't read things properly? I thought you said
    you left your kids ON THEIR pushbikes on the verge...

    I didn't feel so great when I went looking for the punch line and there
    wasn't one...
  16. rodney

    rodney Guest

    There should be this humungous "under cover" verge,
    where people can drive through and drop, or pick up
    junk to their liking.
    I left my kids pushbikes on the verge, at the last council cleanup
    and to see them being squitched by a council hydraulic
    made me feel ashamed I was in such a disposable culture.
  17. rodney

    rodney Guest

    <Panic averted after reading properly>

    Glad to see you recovered OK John,
    sometimes it's not what you read, but what is meant.

    I went down the street to the 24-hour grocery.
    When I got there, the guy was locking the front door.
    I said, 'Hey, the sign says you're open 24 hours.'
    He said, 'Yes, but not in a row.'
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