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Advice needed so I charge my mobility scooter batteries correctly...

Discussion in 'Power Electronics' started by ken300, Aug 13, 2018.

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  1. ken300


    Aug 13, 2018

    I know precisely nothing about batteries & electronics so I'd appreciate some advice from someone who does!

    I've got a mobility scooter that uses 6 x 12v 15ah batteries arranged into 3 x battery packs (so 2 x 12v batteries per battery pack) and i could do with some advice on the best way to charge it during the week so that the batteries last as long as possible, the batteries are sealed lead acid

    Every day during the week the scooter is used for a short trip about 6:00am (using 5% of the scooters quoted range) then 12 hours later another trip of the same length. I can't use the scooter at all during the day, what would be the best recharging strategy:

    1 - recharge straight after the trip in the morning the again in the evening (I've read that a very low discharge cycle like 5% isn't good for a battery)

    2 - wait until after the evening trip to recharge - don't charge after the morning trip, instead leave it sitting around all day and charge after the evening trip (so use 5% of its range in the morning then a 12 hour gap then use another 5% of its range - then recharge)

    3 - wait until after the evening trip to recharge but in the 12 hours in between trips leave the scooters headlight on to try to flatten the battery a bit more during the day

    I will travel longer distances at the weekend (30-35% of the quoted range), in addition i was planning on doing a deeper discharge every month or so using 60% of the quoted range.
  2. kellys_eye


    Jun 25, 2010
    What charger did the scooter come with? Surely it would be supplied with the appropriate device?

    A decent charger will be 'intelligent' and look after it no matter what condition it is in but USING that batteries is (as you state) an essential part of longevity so allowing them to discharge by 40-60% before charging would give them a good going.
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