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Advantages of EMT over MC Cable

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by milo, Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. milo

    milo Guest

    Please settle an office discussion. Are there any advantages of using EMT
    over interlocked MC cable for 20 Amp branch circuit wiring. Note: An
    equipment grounding conductor will be pulled in each. The application is in
    commercial construction in of all types (block walls, metal stud walls, some
    exposed conduit runs). I am interested in the engineer's, electrician's, as
    well as cost perspectives.

    Thanks in advance
  2. volts500

    volts500 Guest

    In my area most electrical contractors these days will use MC whenever and
    wherever possible. In fact, if EMT isn't specified in the contract, MC is
    pretty much what you will it or not. Small commercial jobs
    are just about all MC these days.. Larger commercial jobs will usually have
    EMT from the distribution panels to boxes set in strategic locations, with
    MC for the rest of the wiring. This method is particularly advantageous in
    office buildings (where tenants come and go)........usually the floor is
    gutted and built to suit the new tenant.....or an existing tenant just wants
    a change in layout. The homeruns in the EMT are simply reused, or
    additional HR's pulled in. While EMT and Rigid Metal Conduit still have
    their uses, MC has replaced EMT as the "preferred" wiring method pretty much
    the same way that EMT replaced RMC (GRC at the time)......ease of
    installation and reduced cost.

    As an electrician I personally think MC sucks because of the way it gets
    terminated, but hey, if that's what I'm told to install, and it meets code,
    that's what goes in. I'm sure that if baling wire were "legal", that's what
    would be getting installed.
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