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advantages of cable lacing?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Most of the stuff that I use doesn't seem to care if it is awash in jet
    fuel, 5606, diesel fuel, Hydrazine or anything else.

    As to time, I can generally have my tie run and be tightening it by the
    time you have selected the correct TyWrap to use.
    Craig C.
  2. Mmm, cant figure out this new format, so will let fly with probably
    already said. Lacing looks lovely, and is a skill used to distinguish
    old techs from young techs, cable ties can cut cable, and can cut
    fingers as well. Unless there is controlled tension in the cable tie
    gun, pressure is too variable. Cable ties can start fires, especially
    when someone puts then round a convenient sharp edged bracket which
    then cuts into the conductor carrying current. Not nice - very
    impressive, but not nice.

    Lacing should be done with plastic solid core tubing, not waxed nylon
    or string or anthing else that was used for lead sheath cables in 1930.
    Phenomena known as "cold flow" where the lacing material can displace
    the insulation of the bundle. A well done laced cable run is a thing
    of beauty, and if dressed properly you can virtually trace a conductor
    from one end to the other. It used to be a trade skill, along with
    choosing the correct size hammer for "minor adjustments" Ah, the good
    old days......

    73 de VK3BFA Andrew
  3. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    Cable lacing was (and is?) common for control wiring in control panels etc.
    in the power industry. In that case the signals involved were either 60Hz or
    DC and electromechanical relays and meters were used. coupling between
    circuits was a non-issue. However, with the advent of solid state devices,
    coupling became a problem. One major manufacturer considered a "diode tester
    to be a 15 ft lead to a switch or contactor cabled with a lead tied to the
    diode. - Open the switch- blow the diode. Wiring was neat and elegant and
    easy to follow. Circuit diagrams were accompanied by "back of panel"
    diagrams of the wiring to facilitate maintenance/repairs.
    Automotive wiring uses cables for a different purpose- pre-bundle the wires-
    any jack ass can then push it into place and connect the red wire here, the
    yellow wire there , etc. Cheap and easy. Maintenance and trouble shooting is
    the customer's worry -particularly as faults generally appear after the
    warranty expires (been there) and simply replacing the bundle after the
    vehicle is built is not that easy.
    In PC's etc, it appears that the aim is to cut down clutter- no more -no
    less- Note that lacing is pretty well confined to the DC side of things
    (+/-12V, +/-5V, Ground, etc.) - not signal lines.
  4. jencentre


    Jan 27, 2010
    Have you tried Assembly Soltuions for wiring loom harnesses?
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