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Advanced Circuits 4PCB

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jon Slaughter, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. Ok, I know I've asked these questions a thousand times but heres the final
    one(as I'm ready to send off for fab).

    I have an approximately 20x2.5 pcb(actually 19.5x2.3). It is
    non-rectanular(sorta tapers) and consists of 2 layers with about 350
    10mil(hole) vias. It has a total of 222 components. About 20 IC's in 32-pin
    QFN's and 1 28-pin TQFP. The rest are 402's and a few 603's and 805's.
    (might add a few larger bypass caps before I send). Traces are all around
    10mil's with a few larger and I think none are smaller. I think all spacing
    is > 10mils.

    4pcb quotes me around 20-25$(depending on how I select a few variables such
    as copper thickness and "extra room", etc...) for 30-42.

    This seems like a rather good deal from what I've seen. Most others won't
    even go up past about 14" to 15" so I'm kinda SOOL there anyways.

    In any case, everything seems to look good from the quote. Anyone have any
    experience with this site as far as reputation and quality? I'm a bit
    worried because they kinda spammed my email when I registered and there site
    looks a little low quality.

    Or anyone know of another fab that can do the size I need at around 20$ @
    about 30-40? I was thinking that I could split the board in 2 halves but
    this is far from ideal. The biggest problem is that I would have to connect
    them back in a seemless way with some mechanical strength(with no
    significant change in the profile). While this isn't difficult the real
    challenge is being able to do this in the gerber files. (if I could simply
    cut them and drag the other half around then it wouldn't be an issue and I
    might go down that route)
  2. I got a total cost of about 450$ for 30 boards. If this is approximately the
    cost with no hidden charges(a forced test) then it seems like a much better
    deal. They don't mention the maximum board size though.

    It seems cheaper... I hope without a loss of quality.

    One thing. Do you think it is an issue to get them v-scored properly long
    the pcb as it is not-rectangular(in fact I would like to get them to cut it
    exactly out... it needs to be done by a machine and not by hand and I don't
    really want to do it myself).

    Strange though,

    When I do 30 20x2.5 boards I get a quote of 450$ yet when I do 5 20x15 it
    costs 200$ more in tooling. Hence doing individual boards is much cheaper
    which seems counter intutitive because I imagine they are going to panelize
    them anyways?

    Anyways, I'll give them a call today or tomorrow and see what they say.
  3. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    I have had a few runs fab'd there. Good quality, can't complain.

    There I can't help you much. My recent projects went turn-key where they
    take care of board fab, purchasing the parts and assembly. The last one
    was done here:
  4. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Thanks for the hint. I will have a super-tiny placement project coming
    up a little over a year from now so I bookmarked them in case we can't
    find a provider in the US. Not sure how the situation is now but last
    time (late 90's) we could not find anyone who'd offer placement accuracy
    to with a few micrometers. So we had to build our own stuff and do it.
    Don't really want to do that again.
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