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ADV: Sanyo Beta service kits available.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Colin McCormick, Jan 3, 2005.

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    Beta (Betamax / Betacord) video recorders can be quite valuable
    today as people strive to transfer their precious memories to DVD.
    Sanyo machines are more reliable than their Sony counterparts, and
    usually just require a service kit to be installed to solve problems
    with FF / REW and other mechanical ailments including tape damage.

    I have available a limited stock of full service kits for most Sanyo
    Beta video recorders from 1983 onwards, including but not limited to:

    * VTC5000 / VTC5100 / VTC5150 ultra-popular top loading Betacord and
    international equivalents including VCR4000, VTC5005, VTC5550. Request
    early geared type idler.
    * Early front loading models VTC6000 and VTC6500. Request early geared
    type idler.
    * Later Front loading models VTC-NX10, VTC-NX15, VTC-NX100, VTCM10,
    VTCM20, VTCM40, USA model VCR4590: Request later friction drive type idler.

    * The kit is NOT suitable for: VTC5300, VTC5350, VTC5400, VTC9300,
    VBS7000 nor Betamovie camcorders. Partly useful for the VPR5800.

    The kits consist of the full idler assembly, pinch roller and
    drive belts. Full fitting instructions on my web site, along with
    pictures and genuine testimonials from previous customers. Even if
    you are not ordering kits from me, you may find my instructions web page
    very useful, see link below.

    These are just £12 inc UK post, and international post is very
    economical too. I'm confident you won't find these parts cheaper

    You can either buy these directly via my instructions web page:
    or I have an eBay auction running for them for a few days too:

    As a special for readers of this posting, I will also accept Paypal
    or Nochex at no extra charge, just mention this thread when ordering

    I hope you find this useful.

    Colin McCormick (
  2. Sanyo's more reliable?


    Mark Z.
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