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adt safewatch pro 2000

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Rick W, Jul 23, 2003.

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  1. Rick W

    Rick W Guest

    i have a system that i need to put in a new code, same problem as Anthony
    has a couple posts down concerning safewatch plus enterpreneur

  2. J. Sloud

    J. Sloud Guest

    Why do you want an unmonitored residential burglar alarm anyway? Most
    people consider the monitoring the main reason to have the system.
  3. Rick W

    Rick W Guest


  4. RH.Campbell

    RH.Campbell Guest

    I agree with what you say but feel I should add these additional comments.

    In my albeit limited experience, monitoring of an alarm system assists even
    after the thief has run off. It ensures the home will once again be properly
    secured, and assists in ensuring that "secondary robberies" don't occur when
    someone walking by casually sees an open door and wanders in....

    I had one client who's door blew open while he was on vacation, the alarm
    went off, and he ended up with a false alarm surcharge. In spite of that, he
    was very pleased that the police and contact people secured his home again.
    I had another client who ran a computer business out of his basement.
    Semi-professionals broke in at 3:00 am, ignored the alarm, piled $250 K
    worth of equipment in his front room prior to loading into a stolen van, and
    only left out the back patio door when the police arrived 3 minutes and 40
    seconds after the alarm triggered. All he lost was $85 in cut cables, and
    the police recovered a stolen van. He called me the next morning from China
    to make sure the monitoring would continue....???

    It's always dangerous to form general conclusions based only on several
    isolated experiences. However, except for extreme rural situations, I have
    come to truly believe it is foolish to skip this most important part of your
    alarm system to save a few bucks a month. As any professional in the
    business knows, alarms are primarily about response, not noise. And while
    everything helps (like a blasting horn), one part of the purpose of
    monitoring is to ensure that the thief has only a very limited time to work,
    thereby hopefully cutting down in the losses due to burglary. What limited
    statistics are available (and that can be trusted), would seem to bear this

    I do blame the industry somewhat in making monitoring uninteresting and
    unaffordable to a segment of the population, by inflating the rates to
    amortize the costs of equipment. While it is certainly a legitimate way to
    do business, it has the side effect of creating the general public
    perception that one must pay upwards of $30 monthly plus simply to have
    someone monitor your alarm system. A little shopping on their part would
    reveal how very wrong this assumption is....

    I too make part of my income from monitoring but I certainly don't ever feel
    the need to apologize for it. The little bit I make monthly helps keep me in
    business and my clients systems working perfectly. Nothing in life comes for
    free; if it does, you either lucked in, or it's not really worth what you
    might think.

    I realize that you cater largely to DIY'ers. That is a legitimate albeit
    tiny percentage of the market. Many if not most of these people see
    monitoring as nothing but a cash grab on the part of alarm companies (and
    not without some merit btw...). However, they also have the mindset that
    they are looking to save every penny they can, and while that is an
    admirable goal (and one we all share to some degree or other), it can also
    be extremely foolish if they choose to cripple their system with no
    trustworthy response.....

    I have yet to decide if I wish to continue selling to DIY'ers up here. I
    have sold half a dozen systems, but there are times I wonder if all I am
    doing is helping them short change themselves. Almost to a man, they have
    firm but wrong ideas about the value of monitoring and nothing you say
    changes that. I'm sure they feel as a professional, I am simply stating
    facts based on my own self interest. So be it !! can lead a horse to
    water but you can't make it drink !!

    However, what really annoys me are those police officers who tells clients
    that monitoring is a waste of time. The public take this as gospel since it
    is coming from the police, who by and large are trusted. Even though the cop
    may be good at his job as a police officer, he likely knows little or
    nothing about security. And when he gives that kind of advice, he simply
    proves it.....

    However, as you say, its costs versus benefits in every purchase. I only
    wish that consumers would find out more of the real facts before they form
    conclusions which are not always correct.



    BIG NIGE Guest

    here in the uk monitored domestics are very much in a minority (even with
    adt etc offering free systems), generally speaking i assume because we are
    much closer to our neighbours and get local response. The larger, more
    remote and commercial (especially where insurance requires) do use either
    speech diallers or monitoring. But generally this is considered an
    unnecessary expense. If a householder can get a professionally fitted system
    for a single payment of around £500 they wont consider a free system that
    costs £25 per month for three years (contracted) and have nothing (not even
    an audible system) at the end unless they carry on paying for monitoring at
    whatever is the increased rate is that is demanded.
  6. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    I think it interesting that you don't actively market monitoring services on
    the one hand, but when you *do* advocate it's use you're using a CS that
    provides that service to you *free of charge* for the first year. I think
    it's so "big" of you to give your customer the "benefit" of a lower first
    year rate when he combines his purchase with the correct decision to monitor
    his system (particularly since it doesn't cost you a cent!)... What a
    guy!!! Now what was that you were saying about only charging a "modest"
    markup??? :)

    It may be "another rant", but you just *had* to get it in there, didn't

    Your job is to ensure people steer clear of professionally installed and
    serviced systems. I truly think it's funny when you try so hard to make it
    seem you're playing on the same "field" as the rest of us.

    They are public servants. Most police services have to be "reminded" of the
    obligation they have to the people that foot the bill. A non-response
    policy should apply to special cases like systems that aren't being serviced
    properly and continuously false alarm.
    That should have prompted a major law suit. I'm surprised some ambulance
    chasing Lawyer hasn't taken it up. Ain't that what makes America "great"??

    No... but you can... You do it all the time.

    It's true crooks tend to steer clear of neighborhoods in which almost every
    house displays an alarm company's signs. They also steer clear of
    neighborhoods that have active "watch" programs. The latter's stats are
    provided by your local police service.

    Oh come on! Most of "those" systems are going the way of the Dodo...
    Anyone concerned with their own personal safety and security isn't going to
    be satisfied with a single door contact and a motion sensor for long. I've
    got six Alarm Force systems sitting in my office that proves that. They get
    talked into it by the "hype", then have time to think about what it is
    they've purchased. I love doing presentations to people that haven't a clue
    about what's "out there", but have an idea that what they bought isn't what
    they thought it was.

    No... you just "sugar coated" the delivery because it's RHC you're talking

    Yes... and a "reasonable" 1000% markup... :)

    I don't think the way you "market" is as successful as you lead us to
    believe. You don't show up in any of the searches I've performed either on
    Google, MSN, DogPile, Yahoo, Excite!, or any of the more popular search
    engines. Anyone that *does* do a search in the newsgroups will quickly find
    that you're an amoral, unethical fraud. I'm going to ask it again... Why
    would someone search a newsgroup to find a company to purchase product on
    line?? The choices of online alarm dealers are incredible... It's the
    reason Andy *doesn't* post here often... He's way too busy!!

    How is this any different from what RHC is telling his clients?? Haven't
    you ever run into a DIY that's "dead set" against monitoring?? Nothing you,
    me or RHC says will convince them otherwise.


    Man things must really be different in Ontario and Florida... Here when the
    client gets a fine for a false alarm, he's on the phone to his company
    *screaming* to get someone down to fix the darn thing.

    OK... First... the most incompetent alarm installer I've seen is running
    an online store out of Florida... This is the same guy that advocates using
    a paddle bit to drill into a wall plate, a six foot drill for attics and
    programs DSC panels with a Napco Manual... His website has so much embedded
    Java, some browsers won't even display it properly. And since when were you
    *ever* a member of an alarm association?? You who have on many occasions
    expressed your distaste for both organizations of alarm professionals and
    the trade itself. Can we say "two faced"???

    In your dreams!!
  7. J. Sloud

    J. Sloud Guest

    Not unless you are government agency, a defense contractor, or a large
    national corporation.

  8. RH.Campbell

    RH.Campbell Guest

    RHC: As any professional in the business knows, alarms are primarilyRLB: In most cases that's true. However, there are plenty of situations
    RHC: Clearly we don't have the same "no response" problem here that you do
    in parts of the US. If that happened up here, you can bet that police
    department would be slapped with a major lawsuit...
    RHC: Yeah, could well be ! Six sales on my part is nowhere nearly enough to
    form a firm opinion...

    RLB: More important, if you want to keep your sanity in the DIY market,
    RHC: Yes, I suppose so ! I guess that's why "the jury is still out" as far
    as my continuing to support DIY sales. I don't appreciate lectures from
    know-it-all's who figure they have all the answers when most of them don't
    even understand the questions...!! If they are so friggin' knowledgeable
    about security matters, why the hell aren't they in the business.....RLB: Yup, but can you really blame them when they spend so many hours

    RHC: I can understand their reaction, but...yes... I do blame them for
    giving bad advice. In our area, they get well paid for responding to a false
    alarm (as wasteful of their time as that may be). But responding to a real
    alarm is part of their job !! And giving poor advice to consumers is
    definately NOT their job. If they don't know what they are talking about,
    they should damn well keep their mouths shut, since they know their position
    as police officers lend undue credability to what they say !!!!

    .................Ah, what the hell, clearly I need a vacation........

  9. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    Take the slimely away Frank. He is scamming DIY'ers.

    ATTN: Bass Home Electronics is run by a sole proprietor, one Robert L.
    Bass. He is an ex-convict. He was convicted of "Assault on a family
    member/ with a gun".

    If you don't believe it, look it up. It's public knowledge.

    Bass is a criminal.
  10. RH.Campbell

    RH.Campbell Guest

    Aww...hell....believe me, the temptation is real. There are some days when
    this whole business seems almost too much. Without a word of a lie, I'm
    booking installations into late August / early September...I've never seen
    it like this.....

    Gotta get my son up to speed....I do need a vacation seriously.....

    Many thanks for the invite....who day I just might take you up
    on that....

  11. RH.Campbell

    RH.Campbell Guest

    There is a good friend of mine around the corner who owns a home in
    Florida...not sure exactly where. He has been bugging me each year to come
    down during the February deep freeze here. I really think that next year I
    will take him up on it......just gotta make sure my customers will be well
    looked after in my absence.

    When I do, I will visit for some of those burgers of yours....:)))...also
    like to meet Jim...we have conversed a little on board unlocking as

  12. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    Attention all burglars:

    June 2004 - Will be the time to test the security system located at:
    2291 Pine View Circle
    Sarasota · Florida · 34231

    Plan ahead, soft drinks and hot-dogs are free if you pre-register. No
    cheeseburgers allowed. Send in applications to .
  13. Hooferi

    Hooferi Guest

    OH Gay lames.

    Another Bass hallmark.

    Anyone here see American Beauty?
  14. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    I didn't know the group was monitored by burglars... Oh wait a minute...
    There's "Cat" Burglar... :)

    What??? No wine and cheese??? No Brazilian Beer??? Ah shucks...
  15. Mike Simpson

    Mike Simpson Guest

    Hi Wacco...don't need to look anything up thanks...I've known all I need to know for years...but
    here's something for you........

  16. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    That would warrant a response, i think "**** you" is in order.
  17. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    What the hell are you talking about idiot? Whine , Whine- just like a
  18. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    The funny thing is I know who this poster is, and it's not Jake. Keep
    going bass, every now and then drop into
  19. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    Jake did not start this, in fact he is not involved. If you have
    something to say to me, say it. You Pussy.

  20. J. Stevens

    J. Stevens Guest

    Don't strain yourself, you silver tongued devil.
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