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ADT mis-selling

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Johnny, Nov 17, 2003.

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  1. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    Hello all,

    First of all, I am in the UK (England)...

    About 3 years ago I bought an ADT Home alarm system, or at least I thought
    I'd bought it...

    It's a monitored alarm system that I've paid £24.95 per month for 2 and a
    half years - I cancelled it for quite a few reasons - all can be summed up
    as "ADT are incompetant"!!!

    Now, 6 months after cancelling I get a phone call asking if they can come
    round to remove the equipment (control panel & PIR sensors etc).

    When I got the system, in no way at all was I told that it was 'rented' to

    The system cost £500, this is in a fairly standard sized home (5 PIRs, 2
    door contacts, control panel, siren & 2 ADT boxes on the outside walls).
    At £500 I'd have never in a million years thought that this could possibly
    be the 'installation fee' alone. Fair enough, I am tied to the monitoring
    for 3 years (which I've broken due to their own failures to provide a
    service for another product I had with them), but this is what led me to
    believe that I had actually bought the system - they make a small amount
    from 'selling' and installing the equipment to me and then making a huge
    profit from the minimum of 3 years @ £24.95. But £500 installation just
    takes the biscuit.

    I have been to the local Citizens Advice, and contacted some Consumer
    Helpline - both say that I should have read the small print on the contract.

    My question, do I have any grounds for mis-selling?

    I have offered to purchase the system from ADT, they want a staggering
    £1,000. I haven't been able to find the price of this system but seeing the
    prices of others I'd reckon it's actual cost is around £350 (it's an Ademco
    Accord XP C).

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Richard 3rd

    Richard 3rd Guest

    My guess is that they have every financial angle covered, these monitored
    alarms are one big rip off, steer clear is my advise.
  3. XxXxXx

    XxXxXx Guest

    They told you in the small print.

    That pretty much sums up your position.
    The gist of your tale is that you signed a contract without reading it
  4. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    I never had any gripes with the monitoring side of things, although they did
    once ring the keyholder when the alarm went off - instead of me first.

    My beef with them is simply that I was NEVER told that it was a 'rented'
    alarm system.
    I've searched on google groups, and it appears to be a bit of a common sales
    tactic :( surely they can't get away with this?

    I do know that the BBC have been sniffing around, and think that their
    Watchdog or Rogue Traders programme may be doing a piece on them shortly -
    hopefully they'll get their comeupance....
  5. Paul C

    Paul C Guest

    Total package for your equipment I can purchase for around £175
  6. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    Got a link?
    I searched on the net for some time, but could actually find any prices for
    this particular system online.
    I'm thinking of getting one and just handing it to the engineer that comes
    round (an engineer actually turned up last friday without appointment, so I
    just told him to get lost). Basically I'd prefer the system I've got in
    because it's already installed (the wires are passed through the ceiling -
    not an easy task to do myself!!).
  7. petem

    petem Guest

    they want it? git it to them....

    remove the stuff yourself but be carefull to leave all the wire in a good

    then buy yourself from some online alrme store all the parts that you need
    and reinstall them

    at least you paid for the installation fee and that part is not lost....

    and at 500 pound for installation..its a big rip off
  8. Johnny wrote
    Do you still have your original contract? What does it say?
  9. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    When I said "I was NEVER told that is was a 'rented' alarm system" I meant
    verbally told by the salesman (although technically he's not a SALESman as
    it wasn't sold to me.

    The small print states that it's rented. I'm not disputing the fact that I
    *should* have looked more carefully, I've learnt that lesson now (the hard
    way), but I thought I was dealing with a 'reputable' company, not some
    shadey cowboys who stoop to sneaky little sales tricks like this.

    The fact remains - I WAS tricked, the salesman never mentioned (apart from
    the small print in contract) the equipement was 'rented'.
  10. Peter Parry

    Peter Parry Guest

    The only grounds you have are for self flagellation for not reading
    the contract.
    I'd guess £150 would be a nearer figure. Having not read the
    contract before though now is a good time to dig it out and read what
    it says. Pay particular attention to what it says about removal -
    hopefully it talks about the system.

    See what it says about making good any damage caused during removal.
    You must insist that all the wiring and every sensor is removed and
    any damage caused during any of this removal made good by ADT. If
    they say they want only the panel say that that is not what the
    contract (hopefully) says and removal means removal - every inch of
    wire, every single nail, every sensor and the external alarm - and
    restoration of the surfaces afterwards. You are not prepared to have
    any part of the system whatsoever left in the house.
  11. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    Accord XP C).

    You would be doing yourself a favour in not buying it if you care to look at
    the recorded results form the system.

    In 99% of CCTV - even the suspect's mother would not be able to recognise
    the suspect.


    Yours faithfully,

    John Aidiniantz
  12. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    It's an intruder alarm system (connected to the phone line).
  13. Cejay

    Cejay Guest

    Seems you've been caught in the ADT trap if you can prove that when you
    signed the contract that you were buying the equipment then you have a case
    but ADT are renown ,and very good , at their sales pitch.
    They probably said something like " We will install an ADT alarm system"
    NOTE the ADT alarm . In other words its our alarm not yours we are just
    going to fit it in your home.

    On a lighter note however whilst they have the right to remove it ( if
    contracted) you have the right to demand they do so without any damage to
    your property and that they repair any damage caused by the removal.
    I mean holes left by rawlplugs can cause a room to need redecorating. That
    could be expensive.

    Being UK based myself this posting is no surprise ADT being one of the
    largest UK security companies can and DO get away with a lot.
    As an installer we come across tales like this often but what ADT don't tell
    you is that for around £100.00 you can have fitted to almost any alarm
    system an autodialler which calls you or any of 4 people using your own
    telephone line.
    Granted it is not monitored but most of the ADT lines are not 24hr monitored
    unless you pay the extra for a 'Redcare' type phone line.

    No doubt this posting will generate the usual rash of dissection from both
    sides of the pond but if it helps the poster in any way then I will feel
  14. Spike

    Spike Guest

    I've both bought and rented vehicles and I was never confused about whether
    I was buying or leasing. Something ain't right here.
  15. Johnny wrote
    Well if it wasn't sold to you, and you say you didn't know it was rented,
    what exactly was it, a gift?
    The fact that you did not read your contract does not in and of itself make
    the alarm company disreputable.
  16. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    This crap kills me. Name recognition. Look at your home in this manner; what
    portions of your home, whether it be structurally, electrically, appliances,
    or any other portion of your home have you bought a system or product that
    can only be serviced, or maintained by one single company, or person? Even
    your vehicle(s), your second biggest investment. There is no ADT2, ok. ADT
    uses proprietary equipment first off, and they don't state that anywhere. If
    you are dumb enough to buy into this, and then coupled with an in-ability to
    read a contract, you should just plain old loose the priviledge to own a
    home. Give me a break, ADT is slick at selling? Bullshit, a large percentage
    of consumers are just plain and simple ignorant. And I don't discredit the
    ones who have choosen ADT, just the people that bitch about them. When you
    don't pay your water bill, don't worry, no one will come and rip out your
    pipes, they'll just shut off your water. Head to head in 19 years I have
    never lost a single sale to ADT. I've got their finesse, it's called an
    educated consumer is their worst nightmare. They're salesman people, while
    maybe you can hear what their selling, your not listening....

  17. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Gawd you're good!! :)
  18. Suggestion: make an appointment for ADT to come and remove the
    equipment, then cancel it at the last moment or forget to meet the
    technician. Repeat several times. They will eventually tire and leave
    you alone.

  19. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    Believe me, I have big list of faults with ADT, this was just one of them.

    The engineers have missed more appointments for routine inspections than
    appointments made on time (not the engineers fault, it's the

    How about the CCTV system I had that broke in August 2002, engineer came and
    went (informing his manager that it needed fixing/replacing), November 2002
    I complained to them that NOTHING had been done, end of November 2002 they
    took the recording unit away - January 2003 I still ain't got it, although
    apparently it's sitting in the managers office fixed!!! WTF, it's no good
    there, it's mine!!! Here we are November 2003 and ADT still have my
    recording unit....THAT'S how reputable they are. (They've since 'disposed'
    of MY recording unit and have now offered me a 2nd hand unit.....)
  20. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    That's what they've done to me MANY times over the past 3 years, fail to
    turn up for appointments for routine inspections. I've kept a list of all
    the dates after they did it a few times, it runs to several sheets of
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