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ADT Focus 55 Keypad - Want to Buy

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by Greg Veteran, Jun 5, 2017.

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  1. Greg Veteran

    Greg Veteran

    Jun 4, 2017
    Looking for an older ADT alarm keypad - a Focus 55 - we have worn out some of the numbers. Also if anyone knows how to reset this to change the pass code.
  2. ChosunOne


    Jun 20, 2010
    For what it's worth to you, I found a few ADT Focus keypads on eBay, no model number given. You can look at the pics and decide if you want to take a chance on one of them. A "NIB" keypad is possibly legitimate, even if it was manufactured decades ago. A lot of unused stock off dusty shelves makes its way to eBay.

    I'm going to take a wild guess that your control panel is one of "Focus 200" versions. For future reference, always include the control panel model in your original post, not just the keypad model. The programming for the pass codes, including Programming/Installer code(s), "Master" code(s), User codes, and level of access for User codes, nearly always resides in the control panel software, not the keypad.

    As far as I've been able to discover, the Focus model number of the control panel doesn't make any difference in this particular case, because it's an ADT proprietary system (made specifically for ADT, but I haven't found the manufacturer) and if you don't have the Programming code and can't get it from the installer (some ADT franchise--good luck with that), then there's no practical way to reset or "default" like some other control panels.

    There is some question about whether it can be keypad-programmed at all, like most alarm systems, as opposed to programmed on a PC and downloaded to the panel via POTS phone line--I believe the Focus series is old enough that it can't be accessed via internet. Techs who have worked with Focus systems tell me the panel programming was "always" downloaded. I usually take "always" with a grain of salt---one tech on a DIY alarm site says he used to program Focus panels at the keypad, but with an unknown (and un-default-able) 6-digit Programming Code, it's a moot point.

    Having said all that: Full disclosure, I've never worked with a Focus system and it's possible that someone else knows something I don't (as much as I hate to admit that. ;) ) You might try this alarm DIY site linked below and get a second opinion. As I said before, take a look at the control panel in its steel cabinet and see if you can find a model number somewhere--it speeds up the "20 Questions" process.,2.0.html
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