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ADSL modem

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by John Aderseen, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Does anybody have or know where I can get :
    - schematics of TECOM AH4222 adsl modem
    - documentation of BroadCom's BCM96348 component.

    Thank you,

  2. A schemaitic won't help much. An ADSL modem is
    mostly software in a DSP plus an amplifier and such.

  3. Bob

    Bob Guest

    Broadcom appear to not want to give out datasheets
    unless you can convince them you are likely to be
    a high volume customer. Unless you are lucky enough
    to somone willing to break their NDA you are
    probably out of luck.

  4. Clint Sharp

    Clint Sharp Guest

    The Broadcom chip is covered by a fairly serious NDA, I've tried before
    and not found this information. If the Tecom Modem is the device using
    the broadcom chip, it's likely an almost perfect copy of the reference
    design for the Broadcom chip.
    If you do obtain this information, please let me know.
  5. Thanks Clint and do you know where I can get the reference desing.
    The bcm96348 is embedded in popular adsl modems such as netgears, tecom etc

  6. Clint Sharp

    Clint Sharp Guest

    That's just the point, Broadcom have a very strict non disclosure
    agreement you need to sign to gain access to this sort of data. I've
    searched for any data on the web several times but never found anything.
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