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ADSL filter simulation

Discussion in 'CAD' started by yAro, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. yAro

    yAro Guest

    I'm trying to simulate an ADSL filter in Multisim.
    I got all the components as they were connected in
    a real filter
    but there some things I don't understand and I
    must add that I'm quite new to electronics.

    The filter's PCB has 2 pins for Line-in, 2 for
    ADSL-out and 3 for the phone-out (UK phone), where
    2 of them
    are just connected in parallel to a capacitor. Why
    there a 3 on the phone output not 2 like on the
    Line input?

    I noticed that the ADSL socket is directly
    connected to the Line so as it should be all the
    signal from the Line
    goes straight to ADSL modem or router. On the
    other hand signal coming out from the Phone socket
    passes through
    the filter, where all the high frequencies are
    attenuated. The problem is now how to represent
    all these sockets in
    Multisim? Would resistors do? If yes, then what
    values should they have?

    Then if I want to connect a Bode Plotter to the
    circuit it needs an AC source. Where to connect
    Should it be connected to the Line? What voltage
    and frequency should it have?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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