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ADI and their scam

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Marc, Jan 13, 2004.

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  1. Marc

    Marc Guest

    I went to ADI last week to buy a couple Crow GBD's eventhought im not such a
    fan of them, they were on sale for about 50% off, so why not get a couple
    and use them as backup protection when otherwise one wouldnt be used ..
    anywyas, i went there, of course they had none, ontop of that ihad to wait
    over 20 mins for assistance and then the guy was rude to me.

    I asked for the supervisor, sure enough the guy was the supervisor and he
    seemed to not care. I was told that the gbs's were sold out, and they only
    had 2 to begin with. this was the 2nd day of the sale and it didnt say on
    the newletter/sale packet about first come first server or limit quantity.
    So i asked the guy when he could get some, not till after the sale. great
    sale huh? sounds like a bait and switch to me.
    so i asked you guys for their number, i called. day 1- my regional manager
    wasnt in, day 2, she was in couldnt help me, said talk tosomeone else, i
    have waited over 24 hours for a return call from this person and nothing
    i am not going to let this rest, and i am just letting others know of
    problems ive had with ADI
  2. Marc,
    This is not typical service from ADI. I suspect that there is something in
    the way you presented yourself and handled the matter that caused them to
    blow you off. From your posting, it appears you approached them with a chip
    on your shoulder.

    Were you to be a regular customer and been civil, they would have bent over
    backwards to bring the parts in, at the sale price and make you happy.
    Since you have posted this same message several times, I concur that you
    have not gotten many people to side with you on the issue.

    As for customer service, I have to give ADI about a 15 out a potential 10.
    You can't get mad at a company that treats its customers like royalty,
    generally is in stock on what you want, will get the item by the next
    working day at no extra cost should they be out and serves donuts in the

    Allan Waghalter
  3. Marc

    Marc Guest

    No. I walked in there as calm as can be, had a friend with me and me and her
    were talking and i explained to him the difference between panels... the
    main reason i stopped going to ADI was because they told me DSC panels,
    which i frequently use, standsw for DOESNT SECURE CRAP and anyone who uses
    them is a moron and is ripping people off. Even my local Alarmax guy used to
    work at ADI and says he quit because of similiar problems.

    I could care less who sides with me or not, this isnt an arguement. I am
    posting my experiences, and that cant be taken away from me. Obviosuly,
    everyone is going to have differnt experiences. My friend even said to me
    that this store looked dead, alot of shelves were empty, the contact shelf
    had maybe 10 bags there. If they treated me like royalty and said sure well
    get your the parts, i would have been fine with it. The response i got was
    not till after the sale ends and then youll have to pay the full price.
    Alarmax will go out of their way for me despite them not agreeing with all
    the equipment i buy, they look out for me and have never given me a hard
    time. ADI craps on me and my equipment. Would you like it if they treated
    you like that and you did nothing to them?
  4. personal experience, ADI sucks!!
    try anyone else, you'll have better customer relations.
    better service, better products, better prices..
  5. Marc,
    Where are you located? I mentioned this to my local ADI branch and he was
    very upset that you had this negative experience. He asked me where you
    were from so he would know what branch was not performing. I tried to send
    you an e-mail in private, but your address, with the NO SPAM removed won't
    go through.
  6. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    Mike Said:
    I think Allan is bending over backwards for ADI (you strike me as that
    Just as in this group Some ADI's are nice others suck. When I run into the
    sucky ones all it takes is one phone call and the district manager teaches
    branch how to stop sucking.

    I agree. Or what I did seemed to catch someone's eye; buy from one of their
    other branches and have it shipped into the one where the Branch Manager
    treated me like shit. Some Branch Managers seem to think they own ADI. Their
    area Manager will refresh them who writes their paycheck.

  7. Marc wrote
    Maybe because they don't (can't) sell DSC?
    Though I can't say that I've been treated that poorly, ADI service isn't
    what it used to be. I've been happy with Alarmax though, just started using
    them last year. Great service, and better prices than any of my local
    houses, the ones I've patronized for 20 years. I can order something from
    Alarmax, and it'll be here tomorrow.

    Tri-Ed must be circling the drain; my local branch is usually empty, and
    their return policies and accounting procedures are pissing me off.
  8. A.J.

    A.J. Guest

    I never have to wait for more than 5 minutes to get my parts at my local
    ADI, no matter how busy they are.
  9. Bossman

    Bossman Guest

    I second that. When I bought equipment that had a five year warranty,
    I expected the warranty to be honored. Change it if you want to, but
    honor the 5 years on the parts already sold. And don't get me started
    on the piece-of-!%@* Envoy systems sitting on my shelf gathering

  10. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Ditto. They also stock a whole lot more...
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