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adding volume control to office speaker system

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by chuck clark, Jul 30, 2004.

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  1. chuck clark

    chuck clark Guest

    I need to add separate volume controls to an existing 9 office speaker
    So as it stands, the 9 speakers have impedance-matching transformers on them
    and they are wired in parallel to the 70v tap on the amp.

    Figure 7-16 of the article below has a diagram of how it is setup (with
    out the one volume control)

    A picture of the back of the amp and a speaker with a transformer is here

    So it works fine. I bought 9 of these controls with impedance-matching
    They are stereo, i know, but i got them very cheaply.

    I went and added 4 volume controls in between the amp and
    4 speakers. This sort of works for the 4 speakers. 3 of the volume
    controls seem
    to work as expected. They adjust the volume for the speaker they are
    The 4th speaker is much louder then them all and the volume control
    adjusts the
    volume for all 9 speakers including the ones the have volume controls.

    I need to add 5 more controls but I am unsure if i am doing this correctly.

    Should I bypass the transformer on each speaker now that I am using the
    volume controls?

    Any Advice is Greatly appreciated.

  2. the Wiz

    the Wiz Guest

    If you are using "generic" speaker volume controls (not 70 volt line), then the
    volume control goes between the transformer and speaker at each location.

    If one control acts "oddly", then check the wiring of that control and check
    that the transformer - speaker connections are like the others

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  3. burbeck

    burbeck Guest

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