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Adding random noise to a power supply?

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Mike Rocket J. Squirrel Elliott, Nov 7, 2003.

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  1. What might be a handy way to add arbitrary amounts of random noise to
    various DC power supplies in a simulation to observe how the powered
    circuit handles it? I'm running LTSpice.
  2. Mike,
    If your doing a .noise analysis, just put a resistor
    to ground and across the input to a linear voltage
    dependent voltage source. Then put the output nodes
    of this voltage source in series with the power supply.

    If your doing a .tran analysis, you can put a behavioral
    voltage source in series. Give this source a value
    of "V=random(100K*time)" for a noise voltage that
    varies randomly between 0V and 1V at a period of
    10us. You will have to stipulate a maximum timestep
    for the waveform to look right. This is not the
    kind of noise you'd expect from any physically stochastic
    process, but you can do Fourier analysis to see what the
    noise density really was with this critter.

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