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Adding bluetooth functionality to my speakers

Discussion in 'Radio and Wireless' started by ahhshsh, Jun 19, 2017.

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  1. ahhshsh


    Jun 19, 2017
    I have a usb powered 5x2watt speakers set.
    which only have Aux/Audio jack for input.
    i also has a small mp3 which has 3watt speaker. it has bluetooth,sd and usb functionality.based on 8002b amplifier.
    it can run on 2.2 to 5.8 volts.

    i want to add bluetooth functionality to my bigger speakers by using this small mp3 and fiting it inside.
    any thought?
    i will provide more pics if needed.
    signed up just now.
    sorry if i posted in wrong place

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  2. KilgoreCemetery


    Apr 12, 2017
    There are a lot of questions involved with making this work. Lots of little things to overcome.

    Are you wanting to add an Aux Out port to the Bluetooth module so you can just plug the big speakers into it, or are you wanting the Bluetooth accessibility in addition to the Aux capability?

    Keep in mind that anything you do based on my advice is at your own risk. I am not a professional in any sense of the word.

    Adding Aux Out to the Bluetooth module:
    Desolder the speaker wires from the Bluetooth module and solder in an 3.5mm headphone jack. Someone wiser than I will probably say that there is much more involved than this. Possibly due to impedance, wattage, or something I haven't even thought of yet.

    Adding Bluetooth capability without sacrificing Aux capability:
    This is far more complicated and involves a lot more information.

    How do you switch the bluetooth module on and off? Is it a physical switch? If so, how many positions does the switch have?

    Also, you're going to need to look inside the bigger speakers and see what exactly the circuit board in there does and how everything is connected. Please post pictures

    The wattage of the big speakers may be different from the wattage of the bluetooth one, but the bigger issue is going to be the probable difference in impedance
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