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Adding a keypad to a home alarm system

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dan, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Dan

    Dan Guest

    I'm hoping someone here might have some expertise with this issue.
    I recently bought a house with a pre-installed ADT alarm system. System was
    installed in 2000. User manual says it is either a VIA-30PSE or a
    Vista-10SE. I believe it is the latter. It has a single 6127/6128 keypad
    in the house. The semi-detached garage has a motion detector. I would like
    to add another keypad to the garage, since getting into/out of the
    car/pulling in/pulling out/opening/shutting the garage door before the
    entry/exit delay is proving to be a bit of a push. . Right now, I have
    that zone bypassed, but this is a
    pain, not only because I WANT protection out there, but also because
    (apparently) you have to BYPASS the zone EACH TIME re-activate the
    system. I've run all kinds of wiring & am not concerned with the technical
    aspects of installing the keypad, but I'm wondering what keypad to get. 6128
    keypads are
    available used on Ebay, new ones are surprisingly expensive.
    Also, all I have is the fairly useless from a technical standpoint user
    manual. Is there any technical info online, as to how & where to connect a
    2nd pad to the system?


  2. With mine (not the same make) the instructions for installing a remote
    keypad were in the installation instruction manual *and* with the remote
    itself. But it sounds like the installers haven't left the installation

    Mine required a 6 core cable and the insertion of an IC (supplied) in a
    socket in the main board. All easy peasy if you're used to this sort of
    thing, but I'd guess not if not. I'd expect a modern one to be easier
    though with less wires needed.
  3. nvic

    nvic Guest

    Is this made by Ademco (probably badged ADT)?

    If you don't have the install manual, just google: "Model # you
    listed" install manual. The install manual, like mentioned in another
    reply, probably has the instructions for keypad installation, along
    with information on installing additonal sensors, etc.

    I checked the Vista10SE Model on google, plenty of hits.
  4. City? State?

    Try and look for your model.
  5. Elephant

    Elephant Guest

    These panels are made by ADEMCO. They are connected by a four conductor
    wire. Inside, the wire colors are red, black, yellow & green. Adding
    the 2nd keypad is very easy.

    Inside the main control box, usually located in a utility room, you'll
    see where the other keypad is connected. It's actually marked on the
    circuit board. Simply connect the 2nd keypad to the same screws that
    the other keypad are connected to, keeping the color code the same for
    each wire.

    As far as cable to use, you can pick up 4 wire telephone cable pretty
    cheap at a place like home depot.
  6. Dan

    Dan Guest

    Thanks to everyone for the great replies. It is an Ademco unit, I thought I
    had that in the post, but obviously not. I had searched for manuals, but
    all I came up with were owner's manuals, which I already have. Tried again
    now though & found an installation manual, I feel kinda dumb for having
    missed it ;-/

  7. Guest

    All what you have to do is runnig a 4 conductor wire from the desired
    location of the extra keypad to the control panel put the balck in pin
    #4 red #5 green #6 and yellow #7 and in the keypad it will have 4 pins
    y for yellow + for red - for black g for green. with a brand new
    keypad you should be all set. For a used one the adress might have
    been changed in the keypad if it doesn't work once you plugged it;
    push 1 and 3 at the same time in the keypad it will show a number,
    change it to 31 the hit the * button et voila . good luck
  8. Have you googled it first because I don't know a thing about modern
    security systems.

    My security system runs on Alpo and responds to whistling and "here
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