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Add offser to an RF signal

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Alessandro Esposito, Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. I have a signal generator I use in the MHz region. It gives 2Vpp max so gr
    from -1V to +1V but I need it working from 0 to 2V.... any suggestion for an
    offsetting ciruit?
  2. This might work:

    VCC = 5V
    | | 4k
    | |
    Input 10uF '-' Output
    || |
    || |
    | |
    | | 1k

    created by Andy´s ASCII-Circuit v1.24.140803 Beta

    It's 3db point is 16Hz, so use it at frequencies above 20Hz or so. Also, use
    a non-polar cap. If the output impedance of your signal generator is low,
    then this circuit shouldn't affect it too badly.

    Bob Monsen
  3. ok thanks... I suspected was something as that but are 10 years I don't make
    anymore electronics and I don't have any books left.

    Now I will try this adding a power stage for a high brightness LED
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